A Healthy Talk with The Best Dieticians!

The concept of following a regular and healthy diet seems to be eloping from the contemporary notions of the society.

Unhealthy habits like eating junk, sleeping late, increased screen time, and consuming large amounts of caffeine is slowly seeping into the lives of the young generation.

Perhaps, we need a re-introduction of these concepts in our life. Imagine educated adults seated in a class and learning about nutrition, revisiting concepts from their 5th or 6th standards; the day is not far.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) states that a healthy diet helps the human body protect itself against non-communicable diseases and all forms of malnutrition. The organization extends its concern by claiming that an unhealthy diet and lack of physical activity are some of the leading causes of ill health globally. We contacted the best dieticians to dig down the topic, let’s us read what they have to say about this!

A step towards adopting diet as a lifestyle change: Kavita Rastogi

For adults, a healthy diet constitutes fruit, vegetables, nuts, legumes, and whole grains. Further, the energy intake from free sugars needs to be less than 10% of the total intake of energy. Conclusively, less than 5g of iodized salt should be consumed every day.

For children and infants, regular breastfeeding meets an optimal amount of their bodily nutrition needs. Therefore, it is very essential to breastfeed them at least for the first six months of their life.

If you are finding ways of promoting a healthy life for yourself, then we have some ideas for you. Your social and economic factors are the most significant determinants of what you consume. Therefore, you can start by shaping these factors in a way that they favor your health and your changing lifestyle.

Kavita Rastogi, an expert dietician and a prolific nutritionist discusses the importance of modifying our existing life patterns to incorporate a healthy routine. She firmly believes the fact, that a healthy body compliments a healthy mind.

Her 16 years of experience says it all!

Kavita Rastogi completed her graduation and post-graduation education from the esteemed University of Delhi. She has had 16 years of experience in guiding and assisting people to make a shift to a perfect lifestyle, one that focuses on eating healthy. 

She believes that following a basic morning routine is the primary and most important change that someone can begin with. The routine involves getting up early, going out for a walk or some exercise, and following this by eating a breakfast that is rich in proteins and fats.

After completing her educational journey and interning with one of the most prestigious institutions in India, All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Kavita indulged herself into making lives better for all of us. For her, the solution to most of our problems lies in the ultimate hands of nature. That is, if one decides to include natural ways of consuming healthy fruits, vegetables, and a proportionate diet, then all bodily problems would soon be eliminated.

We agree with Dr. Rastogi whole-heartedly, wishing her all the luck, and urge our readers to introduce nutrition and diet in their lives.


Contact details: 09999155220

The easiest guide to keep your diet on track- Priyanka Jaiswal

Everyone seems to have become an expert on staying healthy and eating a proper diet. The internet is flooded with various types of dietary plans and everyone seems to have just the right plan. In reality, finding the right dietary plan that works for you is not an easy task.

It is a challenging task to find the right diet that results in weight loss and increased metabolism, but we have the perfect solution to this: a professional dietician. No one knows better about customized healthy eating plans more than a dietician, and we’ve happened to come across a very talented and professional practicing dietician to help you achieve your goals.

Passion can bring you anywhere!

Priyanka Jaiswal is an active, practicing dietician who is very passionate about the right eating habits and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. She is very proud of her profession and chose diet and nutrition in her final years during her BSE course in college. Priyanka slowly found herself attached and connected to the subject and she developed a keen interest in healthy and safe eating habits. She was also the in-charge of looking after retired senior army officers and their dietary plans.

Priyanka believes in the strength of a powerful and healthy routine and implements it in her real life as well.

Her daily routine

Her daily morning routine involves waking up early in the morning. She starts her day by hydrating herself and drinking a glass of water, followed by healthy light food often including fruit.

She likes to take her morning tea after a little break and she religiously eats her breakfast 2 hours after waking up. She eats light and healthy breakfast and avoids heavy, oily food. Her morning routine is very simple and can be followed by anyone to achieve a healthier start to the day and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

As per Priyanka and many trusted dieticians, it is very important to focus on how many calories you consume with every meal. Your goal should be to eat low-calorie food and a diet full of healthy carbs, proteins, and all necessary nutrients. Eating eggs for breakfast has shown to reduce weight and give quick results, and they are full of proteins and fat and are a delicious and healthy food to begin your day with.

 No diet plan is complete without green vegetables, and eating leafy vegetables to lose weight is a must. They not only provide a dense and filling meal but are very high in their nutritious value and assist in fat-burning metabolism. They also contain magnesium ad calcium, very important nutrients that assist weight loss and increased immunity.

What is healthy? What to eat?

One of the healthiest options for non-vegetarians is to include fish in their dietary plans. Tuna and Salmon serve as a very delicious and healthy meal and are full of good fats, proteins, vitamin E, and omega-3 fatty acids. These fatty acids help speed up the weight loss process and provide healthy skin and hair.

Saltwater fishes and seafood is also rich in iodine and proteins and is a healthy substitute to animal meat which is rich in fats and carbohydrates and contributes to weight gain. Leguminous crops, lentils, and cereals are another category of food items that help in reducing the number of calories consumed.

It is very important to avoid high-fat or fried food items, and food with high sugar or salt quantity. Consuming white bread can also contribute to quick weight gain. A good diet plan alone cannot help reduce a substantial amount of weight, and it needs to be combined with healthy practices, drinking lots of water, proper sleep, and light exercises.

You can reach her @9311207203 connect on social media ha does for more information.

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 Neelakshi – The Journalist Who Evolved Into Dietitian!

Dreams have no boundaries and you can always achieve endless goals if you believe in yourself. Even if you go in the opposite direction you can always reach the destination of your choice! Here is a story of Neelakshi who belongs from a journalism background and now she has switched her profession into a dietitian.

Passion can make you do wonders and this is what worked in the life of Neelakshi. She completed her diploma in dietetics nutrition from VLCC (Vandana Luthra Curls and Curves). She also completed her diploma in health nutrition from IGNOU which is amazing.

When you want something, you do it!

She is got the most important thing that is required in life and this is the reason why she is today an amazing dietitian.

She has done Diploma in Dietetics, Health and Nutrition from VLCC and 

Diploma in Nutrition and Health Education from IGNOU.

The most important thing that she believes in life is focusing on a healthy lifestyle and dietary practices. She completely understands the impact of eating habits on a person and why is it important for a person to be healthy. A balanced diet is something that the youth needs today and she is a firm supporter of eating and developing healthily.

Due to the prevailing Trends of eating junk foods and yummy food blogs, it becomes very difficult for the youth to control their gratifications and they start consuming junk food which is causing problems like obesity and various eating disorders.

Her 5 years of experience says it all!

Dieticians these days have to make sure that their approach is a very healthy one and along with that, they have to make sure that the youth is served food in a way that suits the taste buds as well Neelakshi as a dietitian has a piece of immense knowledge about how to plan nutrition programs and various food programs for people of different ages and weights.

She has been able to help so many people to prevent eating disorders and diseases because she understands the role of every food item and its impact too.

She have been honored as a judge for an inter-school nutritional cooking competition twice held at St. Mary’s School Dwarka!

We always go for food cravings to relax our taste buds but we tend to forget that it’s actually destroying our body. Dr. Neelakshi is an expert who is well-versed in her profession and can provide you with the best service!

Contact details.  9711276437

Or you can follow her on Instagram: https://instagram.com/nutricoach1790?igshid=x80k0f7tl4l6

What we have to say?

People usually say, “You are what you eat”, do you believe that? Well, we do! One can actually feel the taste of French fries in their arteries. You cannot just put everything in your stomach. To be healthy, you need to wise. You can contact these best dieticians to get yourself the perfect healthy lifestyle

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