Bid4Best Technologies: Positively Impacting Indian MSME

When we talk about the Positive impact during this pandemic Bid4best Technologies stands at best for Indian MSME. 

In an exclusive conversation with the founders of Bid4best Technologies, Gaurav Sonker and Jayant Singh talk about India MSME. 

These two are the epitome of expertise and have influenced many young and old entrepreneurs to fulfill their dreams as they did for themselves. 

What is Bid4Best Technologies? Who are your customers?

Bid4Best is India’s first professionally managed B2B Procurement Marketplace for micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME), fueled by a reverse auction engine. The company aims to organise the procurement of micro,small and medium enterprises (MSME) and provide the highest quality of value deals for MSME with the best possible quality and rates.

Why Indian MSME need Bid4Best?

The Procurement of Indian MSME is highly unorganised, which slow down the innovation and rapid growth of Indian MSME. Bid4best aims to ease the process by increasing transparency and create/explore new markets with our innovative technology solutions. We have a high focus on Indian MSME and their choices on a large scale.


Bid4best aims to digitally connect and create value creation platforms for the social and economic growth at a large scale for Indian MSME by 2025. 

 As an organization, we commit to going above and beyond to deliver customer success and keep on going till we achieve what we desire.

The Team


Humble beginnings in life that always stay with the person. Gaurav Sonker has worked with various companies in the past. He has experience of over 16+ years in diverse fields like Marketing and Strategies for multiple industries like BFSI, IT, HR, and Engineering Services. 

Jayant Singh has over 14+ years of experience in various industries like Retail, Automobile, Fintech in Client Acquisition Capacity, Internet, and also covers various other fields. Then with his knowledge and expertise, 

 They both founded Bid4Best Technologies with a vision to build a digitised network for the Indian Economic and Social transformation of MSME’s by 2025

Did you face any challenges during your journey?

 As it is said, without struggles, you cannot reach success. Therefore struggles are a necessary part of life. Bid4Best also crossed various hurdles but finally managed to progress fast. The pages of our struggle days include our hard decision to leave a well-paid job and start something we which we are passionate about. The beginnings were modest with us we worked day and night to grow Bid4best.

 We started lean with just the concept and slowly turned it into reality. We started with a small team and gradually picked up our customers with time. Then the pandemic hit the market and jolted various industries, including our business.

But for us, the pandemic was a testing time, and as a team, we worked even harder and managed to produce good outputs for MSME in such harsh conditions. We even registered a top-line growth of 3850% during the lockdown period and now continue to grow at a fast pace.

One of our continuous struggles is to find the right people who are equally passionate about excellence and delivering customer success. People who could share the same vision and create a happy and satisfied customer base and make them grow at a rapid speed.

Tell us about your key success

We feel proud and happy when our customers/ small or medium businesses experience; Organized and transparent purchasing or When they explore new markets or save money by using our platform. We have many examples to showcase.

Our small team worked hard even during the pandemic, and things turned in our favor due to the collective efforts of the team and its hard work. 

We are part of prestigious initiatives 

  • NASSCOM 10000 Startup’s
  • Top 10 Startups recognized and funded by JSS STEP and Department of Science and Technologies (DST) 
  • Startup India initiative

We believe that the biggest achievement of our startup is the happy and successful customer base in a long run.

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