Businesses that are not in losses during lockdown

Although the coronavirus pandemic has threatened to push the world into a recession with several sectors feeling its impact, there are some businesses which instead of being affected, made profits during the lockdown. 

These were basically those who already worked through digital platforms and hence were not impacted by lockdown measures. Sectors such as healthcare, digital marketing and content writing were the ones that remained unscathed from the pandemic. Let’s discuss them in more detail.

  1. Healthcare
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Healthcare is among those sectors that remained unaffected during the course of pandemic. It is among those industries that are expected to lead the way in fresh recruitments due to rise in its demand during the spread of coronavirus.

 The Indian government spent around 10,000 crore to encourage companies to manufacture pharmaceutical goods domestically due to a shortage in drugs after the outbreak of virus. Also, due to a sudden increase in corona affected patients, several clinics, laboratories and hospitals have registered increased footfall.

  1.  IT industry
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Information technology sector remains the least impacted during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic in terms of its hiring due to the business being virtual. Several companies like IBM, Cognizant, Dell, Accenture, TCS, have been hiring new candidates during the period. 

The demand for both hardware and software engineers remained steady throughout the year but suddenly rose in September 2020. According to the report given by, there was a 10% growth in Hardware sector in September.

  1. Telecom
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Another sector that benefited during the lockdown period is telecom. As we were all urged to sit at homes due to the outbreak of virus, the telecom sector witnessed a growth as Indians consumed more data. Data usage in home broadband and mobile space are expected to rise by 10-15% due to social distancing and work from home measures. In fact, in China the growth rate in the telecommunications sector was the highest in the first two months of 2020.

  1. Digital marketing
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Writing and ad spend has been a part of traditional media for several years now, with the audience shifting from offline to online and digital platforms. This shift has been much more evident during the pandemic period. It has been predicted that by 2023, digital marketing expenditure will account for around two thirds of whole media spend, it is likely that covid-19 will affect this change too. In other words, Covid-19 has been an incentive for digital transformation.

While the pandemic has coerced several ventures to cut down, a few industries benefited from the changed realities of the post-pandemic world. Healthcare, online education, e-commerce etc. are among those sectors that expressed their intent to hire more staff.

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