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Every year India celebrates National DOCTOR’S Day on July 1 to respect and honor all the doctors present there; it is also the birth and death anniversary of a famous physician and second chief minister of West Bengal, Bidhan Chandra Roy. 

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Doctor’s Day serves to show gratitude to every doctor present out there, who selflessly devoted their time when we needed it most, and they have worked 24/7 for the health of their patients. 

This Day is not just celebrated in India but also in many countries, but on different dates. For example, in Cuba, it is on December 3, In United States, it is on March 30, In Iran, it is on August 23; the very first time doctor’s Day was celebrated in the US state of Georgia. It was the first time it was marked by sending a card to physicians and placing flowers on the graves of doctors who have passed away. 

Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi stated on Sunday, remembered Dr. BC Roy speaking about doctor’s in the backdrop of Doctor’s Day; he said on July 1, we will celebrate Nationals doctor’s Day, we must pay tribute to our doctors who have ensured that India survived and fought back against covid -19. 

 This year, doctor’s Day is significant for all of us as doctors continue to fight the covid-19 pandemic. 

The government of India established Doctors day in 1991 to recognize the contributions of BC Roy. He had played an essential role in establishing the Medical Council of India and the Indian association. This Day is celebrated to acknowledge the role of doctors in the progress of this nation. 

Giving gratitude and respect to every doctor present out there, who have selflessly saved us from covid-19 and still fighting the war against covid-19. 

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