Coffee- An addiction or not?

We all have had coffee or caffeine products several times, sometimes casually or sometimes during headaches. But the true question is whether coffee can really be addictive?

Do you too believe yourself to be addictive to your morning coffee or drink or do you feel dizzy without a cup of coffee?

If you feel such, then no need to worry about it because you are not alone and your caffeine obsession is classified as ‘dependency’ and not ‘addiction’. It is true that coffee enhances dopamine signaling in your brain (makes you alert and awake) but it cannot lead to addiction because the extent to which it does this is not sufficient to cause an addiction. Therefore, you can have a cup of coffee without any worries.

If we go by the definition, addiction is the uncontrollable use of a substance even if it causes negative consequences. So, the difference lies in the fact that a person with caffeine dependency will be able to cope up with the headaches without coffee and not engage in destructive behavior while the one with drug addiction will.

If you want to know whether you are dependent on coffee or not, you can, by observing yourself for a few days. If you are unable to perform your daily activities without a cup of coffee and you have to have it, then it can be said that you are dependent on it. This is mainly because of chemical changes that constant consumption produces in your brain, and you develop a tolerance to it.

Coffee can have several health benefits like, it can lead to improved brain functioning, better mood, prevention of heart diseases and diabetes and many more. It is however very important that you do not consume coffee in excessive amounts as it can lead to various health problems like, dehydration, exhaustion and emotional weariness. Excess caffeine consumption can also cause headaches, tremors, anxiety , acidity and lack of sleep.

Coffee has addictive properties and can lead to dependency, however, the risk of it varies from person to person. It is believed that if your coffee consumption is not harming you in any way, then there is very little to worry about.

So, if you are a coffee lover, just go on with it and know that it is better than a real drug addiction that can ruin your life. But be careful not to use it in large quantity as too much of anything can be harmful. 

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