Dr Romila Chitturi – A virtuoso!

Dr Romila Chitturi, a self made-woman!

She is the Founder and Editor in Chief of Unicorn Magazine. She is a fierce, kind-hearted, and ambitious woman pioneering something unique every day.

She holds a PhD in Business Management and Post-Graduate degrees in Business Administration, Public Relations, and Digital marketing. She graduated in Journalism and English literature.

Being a vivid reader and learner, she has done courses on Instagram marketing, film writing, and creative writing from Ruskin Bond. In addition, she did market research for almost 11 years before turning into an Entrepreneur. 

She is also a writer, blogger, author-editor and an artist. She has written 17 books, among which few of them won her literary awards. Her multi-talented attitude also helps her be Program Head of Ukiyoto Publishing House based in Hyderabad. 

“I see myself still behind the magazine, hustling and building dreams with words, ideas for better writing with a much larger family of writers, taking their work to the next best level internationally.” – Dr Romila Chitturi

She established her brand, ‘Unicorn’, – a literary magazine, weekly blog and annual anthology on July 12th 2020. Unicorn’s  primary aim is to provide every writer with a platform where they can share their unspoken voices in various writing forms. This makes it completely unique. It has given new respect to ‘Poetry’ which everyone often neglects, and because of its uniqueness and hard work, Unicorn won the ‘Pride of India Award in 2021’. 

She showcases a true example of women power

Dr Romila, is an inspiration and guiding light in every woman’s life. She believes that one should always focus on the present. Generally, businesses have 5-year plans, but she firmly believes in achieving her daily targets; her extraordinary ideas make her Unicorn a global brand. The magazine’s followers and readers from all over the world. It has given a new identity to literature. Writers have complete freedom to explore their creativity.

Dr Romila is an Unstoppable woman. Her teammates are her biggest strength. She has personally won many awards and recognition, which include – Sahitya Ratna Award 2021, Sylvia Plath Memorial Literary Prize 2022, and the 21st century Jane Austen Reader’s Award. Recently she has been bestowed with the “100 Indians under 40 awards “ by Fox story in the Entrepreneur category. She fervently believes in hard work and motivates everyone to achieve their dreams. 

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