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When it comes to dentistry, we do not see many people hopping into this field, but on the other side, it is one of the most demandable and respectable fields in our country. When it is said, a doctor is a god we cannot undo this saying. Doctors from the dental department truly have the shield protected ready for us.

According to a survey, 60% of the population is generally scared of dentists, but we are in your service! We have something that can soothe your pain with ease!

This week WE HAVE BROUGHT THE BEST DENTISTS OF DELHI, you don’t need to go anywhere or wander for a good dentist! We have the best profiles who are well-experienced, knowledgeable with thousands of positive stories. 

  1. Dr. Ridima Kamal

Dr. Ridima Kamal is a dentist who believes in serving and giving back to the community through smiles. She completed her BDS in 2020 and is currently pursuing her Masters in Public Health.

Dr. Ridima was born and brought up in Bihar, her family had no idea that this tiny baby would soon grow up to have a heart so big yet small for the brimming empathy in her. She wishes to be a specialist in public health field.

She says Dentistry has taught her a lot, enough to transcend the barriers of strict education and encompass life lessons like the need for patience, hard work and the resolve to never give up.


Dr. Ridima had always wanted to pursue something that would enable her to give back to the community. Since a young age she has been an empathetic, loving person and kind despite the harsh realities of life.

She got motivated to pursue this field of dentistry because of the many similarities that exist between life and this science. Neither are perfect and both required adjustment, changes and alteration. This stark commonality between two varying concepts was an epiphany for Dr. Ridima who then pursued BDS.

She says that-“As a Noble profession, dentistry tells you that that world might not be a place where your wishes come true, but it definitely is a place where the pain is healed.”


Dr. Ridima and her fair share of sweet and sour moments while a career she was passionate about. She faced social censure for her choices, for her gender and her willingness to learn.

At the same time, she learnt a plethora of important information, met inspiring people and picked life hacks and lessons. For Dr. Ridima being called a doctor is an immense honor, to be trusted and looked at for guidance, support is treasurable in her eyes.


The biggest struggle she faced while pursuing her passions was the COVID-19 pandemic, a viral infection that brought the entire world to its knees. Dr. Ridima had started her BDS career right around the time when Covid hit.

With the viral infection, came new challenges and problems that required faith and resilience to overcome. During these tough times, Ridima learned to be more patient, calm and hardworking; she adapted and thus overcame.

She learns to never lose patience, stay calm and to have faith in oneself, she learnt that no one is the fact but with a good heart and honest intentions she could become a good doctor.

For her fellow doctors, Dr. Ridima wishes to convey the importance of understanding a patient and their family. It is important to know the needs of your patient and to have good communication with them.

She also stressed on the need for personal hygiene in this field since infections can be rampant. Lastly she believes that-“ Learning to fall is more important than learning to fly. The people who flew to the sun and fell burnt, are fearless now.”

You can visit our profile for more information or appointments: https://instagram.com/dr_ridima_kamal?utm_medium=copy_link

  • Dr Latika Dhawan, a genius with a beautiful heart

Patients rely on doctors to cure their diseases, infections and making them healthy again. Becoming a doctor is a very tough job, but continuous practice and determination make it quite an easy one. Similarly, Latika Dhawan worked hard to reach the milestone in her life.

How it started?

She is now an MDS orthodontics Rank 1 KGMC Lucknow and successfully works at Skin ‘n Smiles clinic. Dr. Sachin Dhawan and Dr. Latika Dhawan founded this clinic. She has several years of experience working in the clinic and with different kinds of patients. Her patients always receive timely cures with the help of her great and up-to-the-mark consultation.

Self-made woman

Hailing from a family of doctors, she is a proud doctor herself and is a great person as well. She lost her father at a very tender age of 9 years. She has grown to see her mother work harder and give the family a good life.

She scored a great rank in ALL India PRe medical tests. She could have easily gone for medicine, but she chose dentistry. The reason was simple she wanted to treat the patients but also wanted to spend ample time with her family. The decision was unconventional but very easy to make for her.

She has always valued family, education and believes that women must be financially stable and independent to fight the tough days of life if or when they occur. This motivated her to work hard and never give up in her life.

Challenges is important- it makes you strong!

The greatest challenge she faced was during the Covid times. It becomes very risky for the doctors to treat their patients, but you can’t leave the patients alone and can’t leave them suffering. So you have to treat them despite of all the dangers.

Following the WHO and government released guidelines, she had to make some changes at her workplace and in her working style. It was a great challenge for dentists. Procuring a PPE kit was very tough initially. Face masks were necessary for the protection of staff and doctors. The various things that became part of her work attire were face shields, special filtered N 95 masks, double gloves. Spraying the rooms after every patient became the need of the hour.

HEPA filter air purifier had to be used. Using all such precautions became the new working style but made the treatments all more tiring for the doctors as well as the patients.

Despite the rising expenses, the clinic continues to help patients even if they have financial constraints due to COVID. All this was much challenging and fearing, but she believes that now we have come out with better facilities and better provisions. Everything is much better and is in very good shape now. Things are coming back to normal, and everything is now much safer for doctors and patients.

Success comes to those who never give up in their life. We need more such doctors in our lives to live peacefully forever and to get high-quality treatments from the honest and best doctors.

Visit https://www.instagram.com/skinnsmilesclinics to book your appointment!

  • Dr Deepti Mehra, a famous Dentist and a Clinical Cosmetologist by profession

Becoming a doctor involves a lot of hard work and sleepless nights. Every doctor’s dream is to treat their patient with utmost sincerity, and he/she could give their patients a long-lasting cure. The cure is very important for every patient as this is what the patient expects from the doctor. One such doctor fulfilling the patient’s expectation and bringing a smile to their face is Dr Deepti Mehra.

Dr Deepti Mehra’s speciality

Dr Deepti Mehra runs her own clinic in Delhi. Dr Deepti’s Dental Derma Palace is the name of the clinic that she runs in West Delhi. Her speciality is All Dental procedures and Facial Aesthetics procedures. She is an absolute professional and widely known doctor. She has several years of experience. Treating patients is her passion, and she has received utmost motivation in this career.

Struggles in work 

Making a name in this career is very difficult and not at all easy, but when your work is great eventually you will be succeeding in this career. Hence honest work and treatment is the key to success.

For her, it becomes very hard to treat the patients who try to use the half-baked Google knowledge during the treatment. Explaining to the clients the treatment benefits and side effects becomes very tough also. Running your own clinic and selecting a good staff becomes very difficult also. Then on the personal front, management of own money becomes difficult as well. Then one has to also deal with many ungrateful clients and patients as well. Studying for this was difficult, but she loves her clinical and college days. Becoming a doctor is the best thing that happened in her life.

Experience in clinic

She has profound experience in the clinic. She has been running the clinic successfully for many years. A doctor’s job is very much tiresome, and on top of that, running own clinic means that you have very much less time left for your own life, but when you receive thanks from the patient in return for successful treatment, it becomes all worthy. Hence, she loves her job; although many days are much more tiresome than the rest, it is worth it when you receive smiles from your patients. Patients motivate you to work harder and faster, and she never hesitates to do that. 

She is a nice doctor and gives the utmost honest consultation to her patients.

She believes that identity is not at all fixed, and it is evolving. With each new patient, you get to experience new experiences. According to her, a human is kind of like water and believes when you store the water for a very long period of time, it becomes contaminated. In similar terms, when you put a full stop to your identity, it can become contaminated. Don’t consider anything impossible when you can make it possible by your own belief.

In the end, she loves her work, and she is the best in the field.

You can contact her to book an appointment

https://instagram.com/drdeeptimehra or visit her clinic

Dr Deepti’s Dental Derma Palace

RZH-3/67 33 Feet Road H2 Block, Mahavir Enclave, New Delhi, Delhi 110045

095404 17474 https://g.co/kgs/ynsTSg

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