First openly gay judge in India.

Around 2017, in October, the Delhi high court had openly appointed a mature and 48 years old lawyer, Saurabh Kirpal, for the nomination as the permanent judge of the Delhi High Court. Along with this, Saurabh Kirpal, who is graduated from St. Stephen’s College and the University of Oxford, came to be the first openly gay judge in India to be suggested for the duty. He created history as the first openly gay lawyer to be nominated for a judgeship across the country. 

The case had been there since India’s central intelligence agency, which registers to the BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party), directed by the government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, lifts a red flag about Saurabh Kirpal’s foreign spouse. In the previous month, India Ahead News announced that the friendly Chief Justice of India, S.A. Bobde, had inquired the BJP government to explain whether its complaint was because of Saurabh Kirpal’s sexual exposure. 

Saurabh Kirpal’s father’s name is B.N Kirpal, former chief justice of India, and discussed claiming a request before the Delhi High Court for similar gender relationships and marriage to be lawful. 

In an interview with The Quint, Saurabh Kirpal said that one could not deny the truth that there is no openly gay judge on the Judiciary in India.

Why Permission to Becoming a Judge?

Decision on judgeship deferred because I am gay - The Week

Saurabh Kirpal’s outstanding livelihood and his assistance to the civil rights jurisprudence of the nation as a scholarly lawyer is sufficient to guarantee an advancement as a high court judge. Saurabh Kirpal was promoted as a Senior Advocate by the Delhi High Court on 19 March 2021. He was the Delhi high court’s unified selection, with all approval of the other 31 magistrates electing in his favor.

Possibly, Saurabh Kirpal’s excellent tribute would be the Navtej Johar matter, which carried to the prejudice of homosexuality around India by reading down Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code. 

Nowadays, he is implicated in a case pending before the DHC ( Delhi High Court) investigating marriage equivalence for a same-sex partner.

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