Goldy Singh: A gem, an artist, a painter and what not!

Goldy Singh- The Tattoo Maker

Yes, you heard that right, these amazing tattoo designs are made by him.

How it started?

He had always been interested in Creative artwork and drawing. Art and Drawing always attracted him which led to an artistic influence on his mind and soul which made him start working on portraits. He had always been keen on improving his artistic ability and working ahead to improve his skills. The art in his hands started impressing people. People were so stunned by his artworks that Goldy Singh soon started selling them out.

It is truly said, “Art is a language that not many can communicate with. Only a few have the power of communicating the language of Art and gold is saying I was one gifted child who improved upon his skills continuously.”

How he turned his passion into work life

During young adulthood just like all other teenagers, Goldy Singh was also attracted by the art of tattoos. He always wanted to have one and he wanted a dragon. Soon he decided to visit a tattoo studio and get his tattoo done. He was so excited but soon all his excitement went in vain. When he entered the tattoo studio he asked the tattoo artist to create a dragon tattoo. The tattoo artist was very expensive and back then in the 2000’s tattoos used to be very expensive. The dragon was out of butter and Goldy Singh could not get it done. Other than this is the tattoo artist behaved very rudely with Goldy Singh which obviously Goldy did not like. The tattoo artist was so rude in his behavior that he told Goldy Singh that if he did not have the money then he should not have such passions. The tattoo artist was not even a very renowned or a famous tattoo artist, he was a common man. Also, no one has a right to make people feel so bad about their passions. 

But this event was the turning point in the life of Goldy Singh. His life eventually started changing because he decided to become a tattoo artist.


He was already A portrait painter who made realistic portraits and this art converted into tattoo art. He has impressed so many people with his realistic tattoo artist that people have been attracted to his work. He had set up his shop in the year 2007 and since then he has been working day and night and has been able to prove himself successful. Today we can say that Goldy Singh is a man of passion, he is a man of art who did not lose his passion and interest. 

Only a few dare to walk ahead on the path that they want to. It’s not easy to run an artistry business and make it successful in a short time. It takes a lot of effort, consistency, and dedication to reach a great level. It takes ample hard work to design and to reach up the expectations of their client. A tattoo is something that is always going to stay with the client and a tattoo artist is someone who is the reason for that beautiful creation.

Goldy Singh is a true inspiration for all the youngsters who have dreamt of something and they not able to pursue their passions due to various problems in their life. Goldy Singh is also one of us but he decided to dream big, he decided to not look at the bad part of life and focus on the positive part of it. Even if you take one step ahead in your journey you always move ahead but that one step also takes courage.

Look at his amazing work here:


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