How to maintain your mental health!

The pandemic situation has allowed us to focus more on our physical health by regular hand washing, lockdown measures, wearing a mask and other preventive measures. But, there is much more than simply maintaining your physical health, you also need to recognise the stress that the pandemic has placed on our mental well being.

These are the times when you need to pay  attention to your mental health, when we are all facing several new challenges like economic hardships, worrying about family members or disturbed daily routine. Such stressors can result in anxiety and depression among the people, especially in those who already face a mental health issue. Therefore, we bring before you some of the steps by which you can take care of your mental health.

  1. Meditation procedures

This includes a technique wherein refocusing of attention is required which brings about an altered state of consciousness. It involves concentration to a level where the meditator becomes unaware of his/her surroundings and reaches a different state of consciousness.

2. Exercise

It is an effective technique to let out physiological arousal caused by stress. It includes swimming, cycling, walking, running etc. One must practice these exercises at least four times a week for 30 minutes. They help in lowering blood pressure, enhancing the function of lungs , improving immune system etc.

The most suitable technique for the above situation according to me would be relaxation techniques which is described below.

3. Relaxation techniques

It is an effective technique for reducing the symptoms of stress and decreasing the incidence of various diseases. It usually begins from lower parts of the body and then progresses up to the facial muscles such that the whole body is relaxed. Along with muscle relaxation ,deep breathing is also used to calm and relax the body.

Some of the relaxation techniques are as follows;

Breath focus

This technique is especially useful for people suffering from eating disorders as it helps in focusing on self in a more positive way. It involves long,slow and deep breaths. It disengages our mind from distracting thoughts and sensations.


It involves rhythmic breathing with a series of postures or flowing movements. It helps in enhancing flexibility and balance as well as offer a mental focus that can help distract you from racing thoughts.

Repetitive prayer

In this technique,a person is required to silently repeat a phrase of a prayer or a short prayer alond with breath focus. It is especially effective for those who view religion or spirituality as meaningful.

Balanced diet

Another essential step which you need to follow, especially during the pandemic, is to take a balanced diet. It is believed that a healthy diet helps with symptoms of anxiety and depression, while an unhealthy diet does the opposite. Also, when you stick to a balanced diet, you will have fewer mood fluctuations and a happier outlook.

Manage your news watch

Apart from common techniques, there are a few things that can help you during these stressful times. It is very important to limit your news cycle if you feel like it is increasing your stress level.  You can read a newspaper for daily updates but try not to watch it the whole day. Also, restrict your social media use to a few times a day. This can help in overall reduction of stress levels.

These were some of the techniques by which you can maintain your mental health, especially during the current situation, which has messed up our lives and created anxiety and stress among several individuals.

I’ve seen people facing from mental problems, speaking of the common phrase “I AM NOT MAD” or our child is not mad and perhaps there is no need to visit a psychologist. And no, you’re not mad ,it is just the stigma to which our society sticks. The stigma of declaring a person with mental problem as mad/mental. Why can’t we normalise it and treat mental and physical health equally? Why can’t we visit a doctor for mental problem as freely as we visit for a physical problem? By keeping quiet you are letting the stigma to win.

It is OK to talk,it is ok to reach out for help because it’s just you who can help yourselves and bring a change in the society.

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