Being healthy and tight all the time is one of the oldest trend which is followed mostly everywhere. If you are a Bollywood actor you mainly get a role in a film Or you become a good actor by your physical appearance only! As we all know there are number of big Bollywood movies coming up like Tiger3 of Salman Khan and Pathan of Shahrukh Khan. It is a very popular lead that John Abraham is going to play a negative role or a villain role in Shahrukh Khan’s film Pathan. Not only this But the romantic actor Emraan Hashmi is all set to feature in Salman Khan’s tiger3 as a villain. 

The two most great actor of all the time Salman and Shahrukh have their own special personality as well as the producer of their both films Aditya Chopra is very fond of both actors and know their strength. Shahrukh Khan is all. About swag, body language and style so the makers of the team have decided to provide John a negative role. Not the thing coming up on this update is that John has shed a lot of sweat for building muscles so that he can make fight looks realistic. 

John Abraham has been given a role of a street style. Fighter as well as a terrorist who have bulked muscle and body. John has been told to get a slim little because he is the villain and Shahrukh had already being told to bulk him up. This news was from Pathan, the Shahrukh Khan’s upcoming film but on the other hand it is something else. Now let’s wait for the teaser of Pathan to come and wait to see how they both John and Shahrukh Khan looks. 

John Abraham goes lean and Emraan Hashmi bulks up to fight Shah Rukh Khan  and Salman Khan - Box Office Worldwide

On the other hand as mentioned above, Emraan Hashmi is in his best mode Ever! He is bulking up with his muscles biceps, six packs and abs. Salman already is a bulked up man and it always become essential to have a villain who can always stand in front of him with confidence and with more bulked body. A lean person can never have a perfect impact on the watchers of the movie, so to get a fight back the producer has decided and told Emraan to bulk up and to be in his best form ever. 

There are so many snapshots daily captured by various media or photo journalist. Emraan is daily going gym and bulking up, he is transforming himself into the best mode ever. The villain role has been assigned to the talented actor Emraan and it is being noticed that Somewhere both will get an equal opportunity to get fame and more fans. 

Both the teams are definitely going to work hard resulting in which both the films Pathan of Shahrukh Khan and John as well as Tiger3 of Salman Khan and Emraan Hashmi is going to get a blockbuster hit this. Time! So let’s wait for the teaser and then will see the realistic transformation and bulked up formation of John Abraham, Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan and Emraan Hashmi. 

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