Kartik Aaryan KICKED OUT From Dharma Productions

Favorite actor of the youth today Kartik Aaryan has been kicked out from Dharma production which has been a piece of shocking news for so many Bollywood fans out there. Karan Johar had stated that Kartik Aaryan is an unprofessional actor and shows unprofessional behavior. Karan Johar also stated that he does not want to work ever again with Kartik Aryan. Dostana 2, an upcoming movie which had been featuring lead actors Jhanvi Kapoor,  Lakshya Lalwani who will give his debut, and of course our favorite Kartik Aaryan. But the shocking news to Kartik Aaryan fans is that Kartik Aaryan has been replaced by Karan Johar in this upcoming movie. 

The film had gained a lot of Buzz in Bollywood and Kartik Aaryan fans had been waiting consistently for the movie to complete and to be released in cinema halls but now he has been kicked off. Already the movie had been delayed for a long time due to the pandemic of covid-19 which had stalled almost everything in the world. The latest updates from Bollywood say that the actor will no more be associated with Dostana 2. 

This whole scenario has occurred because of the fallout that occurred between the owner of Dharma productions Karan Johar and the young actor Kartik Aaryan due to differences. The main reason for these differences was that Kartik Aaryan tried to suggest and Express his creativity on the prescribed script by Karan Johar for Dostana 2. Also, the talent agency of Kartik Aryan had been failing to provide dates for shooting the film which also lead the production house to decide to replace the actor.

From the sources, it has also been revealed that Kartik Aaryan did not continue working on the film because of these creative differences. But it has already been one and a half years of the film to begin and already 20 days of the shoot had been completed. In the history of Dharma productions in Bollywood, there have never been and incidents, when an actor like Kartik Aaryan had been kicked out of the actor, walked out of the film due to creative differences. Along with this Dharma productions also had given the decision of not working with the actor ever again in the future which was shocking to Bollywood lovers.

Although the lead actor of Dostana 2 has been replaced, and Kartik Aaryan had been unavailable when the report was filed. The most interesting part is to see who is the actor who will be playing a lead role in Dostana 2 instead of Kartik Aryan. Kartik Aaryan had recently recovered his health after being infected with the covid-19 virus and he had recently stated that he has completed the dubbing of Dhamaka which is his next movie which will be released on Netflix very soon. Also, you will be able to see your favorite actor Kartik Aaryan in the new movie Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 which is a horror-comedy. 

We are sure that his upcoming work will be much loved by the audience and what remains in suspense is to see who will replace Kartik Aaryan in Dostana 2.  

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