Learning the science of numerology with Amitta Bagchi

Many people claim that “tarot tells the truth that we dare not tell ourselves”, and rightfully so. Tarot card readings and numerology is now emerging as a scientific field that is establishing valid, relevant, and empirical episodes with each passing day.

Amitta Bagchi is one such qualified tarot card reader, numerologist, and counselor who has helped many people over the years by emitting a positive influence in their lives. Ms. Bagchi started her journey as soon as she obtained her post graduate master’s degree. She realised that her true potential and interest can actually be combined to frame the perfect career path for herself.

Therefore, she started surfing for courses that could take her a step closer to her dream of becoming a successful numerologist and tarot card reader. She enrolled herself in valid certification courses related to tarot card reading, counseling and numerology. Her aim was to positively sway the lives of those who are troubled by the prevailing conditions of their life. However, running a business does not only invite unpredictability but also leaves room for a little doubt, whether or not it will flourish. Something similar happened to Ms. Amitta.

She was unsure of the number of clients that would visit her after the inception of her business. Nevertheless, she took a step ahead and seeked referrals from her friends and relatives. She actively promoted the services offered by her, conversed to the referrals and made successful and happy clients out of them. Ms. Amitta provides tarot reading and numerology sessions, and counsel people thereafter to follow the desired path. In addition, she also offers classes for those who have a wish to know about numerology and learn the skills. She has been into business for the last 5 years and has faced a lot of struggles throughout.

The prevalence of the global pandemic brought about the most of these struggles. As we know, COVID-19 has impacted not only the physical and mental, but also the economical states of individuals. Since people are hit hard, they do not find it worthy to invest in knowing their future hardships anymore. Ms. Amitta Bagchi is well aware of this problem and expresses grief about the same. She also says that she understands the mindset of people. While financial restraints are one thing, unavailability of clients due to spam calls with no real intent are posing another problem for her business.

This is making it difficult for her to focus on her present clients and their one to one experiences. She says that people often do not understand the severity of the situation and make phone calls only to ask vague questions, which wastes her time, energy, and other resources. In order to ease the process of initial contact with her, Ms. Amitta also provides the readers with her fee requirements and urges them to not contact her for indefinite reasons.

It is also important to note that a certificate of completion will be provided after the completion of personal and professional learning courses.

● For tarot reading and numerology sessions: – 2100 INR for 60 mins – 1100 INR for 30 mins – 500 INR for 15 mins – 2100 INR fixed for numerology

● For learning tarot reading: – 15000 INR for Personal card reading – 25000 INR for professional tarot card reading

● For Learning numerology: – 30000 INR for Chaldean and Lo Shu numerology (15000 INR each) – For personal learning, it is advised to contact her team, given that the scope is vast Ms. Amitta also pens a note to all the potential readers busting the myths around numerology and tarot card reading.

Tarot card classes- professional teaching 25000 and personal teaching-15000. For session 1hour-2100, half &hour-1100, for 15min-500

Numorology teaching children-15000, session-2100

She says that the relationship of a client and counselor is essentially based on the roots of trust, credibility and confidentiality. Tarot reading and numerology are not superstitious fields, but they hold scientific and empirical relevene. They alert you of any unforeseen happening in the near future, thereby preparing you for it and guiding you to make the right decision. She encourages everyone to consult a tarot card reader after every 6 months or 1 year for gaining clarity in life.

Currently, Ms. Amitta Bagchi is working with the health ministry branch in a private sector while also giving out classes to enthusiasts who have a zeal to learn and explore more in the related fields. Over the years, Ms. Bagchi has helped many people gain insights into their lives, and continues to do so. From analysing inch-perfect predictions to giving appropriate solutions, she never fails to impress her clients.

If you feel the need to visit a tarot card reader or a numerologist for any of your problems, there can not be a better stop than Ms. Amitta Bagchi’s premises. You can know more about her services-

Company: Wheel Of Future 331

Contact details: 9312929969.

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