Let’s Beware of this Era’s Mogambo!

It is not the end of the world, it’s just a change in our world. COVID-19 has become a part of our lives for
more than a year now. It has not been easy for anyone but there are people who even after observing the intensity of this pandemic, have not followed the precautions that make up the new normal. Yes COVID-
19 has been a hassle to deal with and although grocery shopping gives the feeling of an adventure where we go out and battle the invisible army of the unknown, it is necessary to adapt now.

It’s getting SERIOUS!

Countless people have died and still, some people are so adamant to wear the mask, follow the guidelines
given by our government just because they don’t feel like there is a problem. But we can’t live our entire
life in denial, we can’t unsee such an endless amount of corpses and their mourning family. It is
understandable to feel your life falling apart because the old normal has been snatched away from us in a
couple of days, now we sit at home and wait for our lives to be as it was. But here the factor is acceptance
which needs to be looked at.

Acceptance of the new normal. It is the only key to helping ourselves. Wear a mask when you go out.
You can even go for a fancy mask that matches your clothes, that is one way to accept this pandemic.
Social distancing is important, do not overlook it because your one mistake can cost someone’s life, it can
be a stranger or even your family. When you come home, wash your hands or use sanitizer because you
don’t want your loved ones to suffer. It is a serious need for you as a citizen to act and follow the
guidelines because the government has done its part by explaining to you the process, starting up a
midnight curfew.
We all know that it is difficult to work from your home, to study, to attend lectures but isn’t it better to be
safe than suffering slowly with this deadly infection. If you want this virus to go then you have to make it
happen as a society. If you need help adapting or dealing with this, you can talk to professionals because
there is always a way to survive and be fulfilled with what you have and sometimes we need to take help
without any shame. Therefore, help the world by staying home, create a new routine for the new normal,
take your time because if you want to get over something, you need to go through it.

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