McDonald’s operator says its stores will deliver 24/7 in Mumbai

According to the reports Westlife Development Ltd., operating the famous McDonald’s outlets in the areas of southern and western India has reported that on some of the selected stores in Mumbai, they will operate the food delivery till 03:00 am for the contactless delivery due to pandemic. This information follows the guide to a Maharashtra government’s order allowing them 24×7 food deliveries all across the areas in the state which is currently under a partial lockdown.

The brand will be initializing on doubling down on its convenience channels of food delivery from McDelivery, takeaways, and also on-the-go, as per Maharashtra government has announced the new sets of restrictions for arresting the surge of pandemic covid-19 infections, as the fast-food chain reported in the statement given on Friday.

Reports for the last year have also got to reset with their consumer expectations and they even now seek much safer and also convenient ways for engaging with the brands they built with trust. They have also been planning to enable the cater to their customers’ demand through their only omnichannel strategy for marketing by making the McDonald’s food easily available for consumers with full safety and also wherever, whenever, and however, they may require. This information was provided by Saurabh Kalra who is a chief operating officer in McDonald’s India for West and South.

Also in addition to their information the organized fast-food chains, they have benefited is in the wake at the time of nationwide lockdown, that was imposed last year for curbing the spread of the pandemic, as most of them have a robust delivery for the ecosystem of both in-house, as well as they have through food delivery platforms such as Swiggy and Zomato.

Though the various brands such as Domino’s and McDonald’s had taken a hit upon their catering and dine-in business, as a strong delivery network which had even helped them to cover up their losses due to the footfalls available at stores.

Westlife Development Ltd has also announced and reported for the vaccination cover for around its 10,000 employees which may have included in both of its corporate employees as well as the McDonald’s restaurant employees and staff. The company is also keen for covering up their cost of both doses of their vaccination and also had been facilitating its administration all across the cities in western and southern India.

The company is reporting has also enabled the COVID-19 RT-PCR testing for all of their non-vaccinated employees including the riders, as they have been directed by the Maharashtra government as on its 4 April order.

Their move has come as a restaurant association that had got sought after longer delivery hours for their food delivery services in the firms after the state government had clamped them down on dine-in services. Restaurants have strictly been directed to open their services only for their delivery and takeaways but only till 8 pm. However, in another order as dated on 7 April, the state government had enabled them for the home delivery of their food and other essentials through all online delivery service providers Zomato and Swiggy permitting them all to operate their hours of the week.

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