Mrs. Sarita Goenka: The Known Reiki healer

Psychics have been a part of human history since time immemorial, albeit fearfully or hatefully. While some have appreciated, accepted and benefited from the powers of the unknown, others have been disdainful and censured what they cannot understand.

Nonetheless, the power to heal people- emotionally and psychologically as well as guiding their future, or helping them overcome trauma or failure, is something psychics have been doing for a long time.

Despite personal views of believing or not believing powerpower, one cannot ignore or nullify the benefits reiki healing, tarot card readings, crystal usage, and more have done to people.

Mrs. Sarita is one such person who has used her special powers to help people to the best of her abilities. A Nobel housewife, she had always felt a motivation from divine energies to help heal people.

Her journey 

So about two years ago, she started her journey as a healer. The divine energies that had motivated her to choose this path worked their magic- her clients felt differences.

Sarita’s healing is like a honey salve on a pricked wound.

An amateur in the healing process, Sarita was motivated by her initial success and the elation of hearing people. She started to learn different modalities such as reiki, tarot cards, crystals etc.

Today, Mrs Goenka is a master in several healing modalities, including numerology, reiki, tarot cards etc. She recounts how positive reviews from her clients, improvements in their emotional and psychological conditions and a steering hand from the divine had been her true motivation.

Sarita Goenka, a devoted housewife and now a professional reiki healer, is exceptionally grateful for the support that her family has given her. Choosing to be a healer had not been an easy decision, but her family had had her back and supported her.

They had laid a gentle hand on hard days, helped her with chores on busy days, given hope on gloomy days and been the wall she could lean on any day.


The modalities that SaritaGoenkaspecialises in are-

  1. Reiki healer

This Japanese technique is a therapy that is used to heal energy. Reiki healing helps in improving emotional and psychological well-being. Generally done through touch, it boosts the body’s healing process

2.Tarot card reader

Tarot card reading involves shuffling a tarot deck and choosing a card, which is interpreted to guide the future or better understand the present.

3.Access bar healing

This is a process where access points on our head are touched to gently release anything preventing us from feeling joy and causing stress.


She is also a numerologist. Sarita uses the divine connection between the number and coinciding events.

5. Lama Fera healing

This is a deep healing technique employed by Himalayan monks. The process involves a ritual along with the use of mantras and vibrations, which deeply heal and wake the body.

If you feel grieved, sad or are facing some trauma, healing could do you a lot of good. In these harsh times catalysed by the COVID-19 pandemic, mull over the need to employ some healing technique. 

To employ the revered and positively reviewed healing modalities of MsSaritaGoenka contact-

The Lotus Happiness

Phone no- 9311847099

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We wish you happy healing! 

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