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Ever thought of music being used as a therapy tool? Well, it is today, and has gained wide acceptance throughout the world. Although, music has been a part of our lives for several years, but it’s use as a therapy began recently. It has been scientifically proven that music therapy has several health benefits and according to a recent review, it is believed that this therapy leads to a reduction in systolic BP in hypertensive population. Music therapy can have some very powerful effects on your mind as it can lift up your mood instantly and also help you process wide range of emotions from happiness to excitement.

You all must have engaged with music in some or the other way on a daily basis but never realised that it actually works as a therapy for your mind and soul. So, let’s have a deeper look on what it is and how it works. What is music therapy? Music therapy is just an alternative to other forms of therapy. In this, the therapists use your connections to music to induce positive changes in your mind. It’s not necessary for you to engage in this therapy only by listening to music, but you can do it in several ways like; – Making music -Singing -Writing songs -Dancing You don’t need to have a background in music in order to experience its benefits, but anyone who feels like can engage in such a therapy.

As you start with the therapy, you may be asked to identify your goals. You may listen to different genres of music or even compose your own. The therapist might ask you to connect and tune in to your emotions and allow your feelings to direct your actions. For example, if you are angry then you might sing or play loud music and then you may explore ways to change such a condition, like listening or creating soft and slow music. How it helps you Music can have several health benefits such as it can help you in improving confidence, communication skills, as well as attention and concentration skills. Playing music increases our body’s production of natural killer cells (cells that attack invading viruses) and also improves the functioning of the immune system. Apart from this, other benefits of music therapy include; – Lowers heart rate and blood pressure – Relieves stress and helps you feel calm – Relaxes muscle tension – Strenghthens motor skills Therefore, the benefits this therapy provides is innumerable and it offers you with a creative way of expressing your emotions and processing their experiences. 

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