Once you choose hope, anything’s possible: Living like the world’s shortest woman


Jyoti, who is now 28 and is originally from Nagpur in central India, has a flamboyant personality, a successful acting career, and two Guinness World Records to her name. She holds the Guinness World Record for the shortest female living (mobile) and the shortest actress.

Despite the hardships, Jyoti continued to pursue her dreams of acting by starring in a regular role in American Horror Story: Freak Show (which debuted on October 8, 2014), where she co-starred with Jessica Lange as Ma Petite, with an average height of 62.8 cm (2 ft 0.72 in). 

Jyoti’s Story 

Jyoti, who was born on December 16, 1993, made history as the year 2009’s shortest teenage girl. Back then, she was fifteen years old, and her height was 2 ft. Jyoti was a normal size at birth and in her early years of infancy, according to her mother Ranjana. 

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Jyoti was severely stunted as a child due to the dwarfism condition known as achondroplasia. When Jyoti was five years old, her development stopped, but she was still able to attend school with her average-sized classmates thanks to a desk and chair that were customized for her height. “The physicians believe that a lack of growth hormones is the cause of my height not increasing,” Jyoti says. 

Rendezvous and world tours 

Jyoti had the opportunity to tour the globe and interact with a variety of individuals over her years as a genuine Guinness World Records star. Sultan Kosen, who is currently the tallest man alive, is one of them (Turkey).

Jyoti was “a little stunned” by the historic encounter between two of GWR’s most recognizable and adored record holders. She further explains that despite the differences in height, they are both amazing friends. 

Jyoti’s stature can present some particular difficulties in life, but she always feels incredibly wonderful when she travels and is surrounded by encouraging people.

Jyoti’s family has always taken the lead in ensuring that she felt encouraged to pursue her aspirations and has provided her with ongoing support. She is always seen in gratitude to her loved ones for making sure that she is taken care of and never left alone. 

Career and Social Media 

In addition to her family and friends, Jyoti also has a vast following of followers who were introduced to her through her music, her TV appearances, and her meticulously maintained social media profiles.

Jyoti currently has roles in several domestic and foreign films as well as international TV shows, and she intends to continue acting.

She also takes great care to avoid using any of the trendy social media sites, curating her internet presence in her leisure time by creating movies and Reels. Even while Jyoti describes the hours of work required to create content as “tiring, at times,” she finds joy in engaging with her admirers. 

Fans line up to take selfies with her, just like they do with any other star. But, with fame also comes its own sets of disadvantages. Jyoti says that when she is surrounded by the crowd, it gets overwhelming for her to get out of it and although it takes her by surprise, she feels it invades her privacy at times. Jyoti claims she is content with the attention she has received as a result of her notoriety.


Although Jyoti is a busy girl and is always working and taking care of herself, there are times when she needs distressed and that is when she resorts to investing in her hobbies. Carrom is a traditional table game that is particularly well-liked in India, and Jyoti enjoys playing it.

Additionally, she spends a lot of time reading through social media in search of ideas for her videos or exploring new places. She also spends time finding new clothes, particularly western ones and keeping an eye out for emerging trends.

Plans for future 

Jyoti has always been accepting and cheerful of her condition and is successful in directing her condition towards something productive for her as well as her family. She has lofty ambitions for her future and would love to take any road that takes her to them.

She hopes to continue meeting her admirers and the people she inspires, and someday she hopes to meet Narendra Modi, the prime minister of India. But more than anything, she wants to inspire those close to her to never give up and to keep pursuing their goals. 

She shares a heartfelt message to her fans by saying, “All I have to say to those who are like me is that you shouldn’t give up hope and keep striving to achieve your goals if your family is supporting you. You will realize all of your dreams if you keep trying.”

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