A young boy who runs 10 kilometers every day has been praised for his determination by award-winning filmmaker Vinod Kapri. Kapri shared a video on social media of his conversation with Mehra, which took place while the young boy was running. He runs from his work in Sector 16 in Noida to his home in Sector 63.

Despite Kapri offering him a lift to his home several times, Mehra refused, saying he prefers to run home because he doesn’t get enough time to do it otherwise during the day. When Kapri asked him why he was running all the way, Mehra said, “To join the army.” The video caught Lt. Gen. Satish Dua’s attention and he has offered to help him.

“His Josh is commendable, and to help him pass the recruitment tests on his merit, I’ve interacted with Colonel of KUMAON Regiment, Lt Gen Rana Kalita, the Eastern Army Commander. He is doing the needful to train the boy for recruitment into his Regiment. Jai Hind (sic)” said the Retired General.

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