Romila Chitturi – the success story of an Entrepreneur.

Dr. Romila Chitturi is a successful Entrepreneur with a zeal to learn from her failures. She has written 17 books to date on various genres and subjects and she owns and publishes a literary magazine “Unicorn” from the past 2 years.

Started working as a freelance writer at the age of 13, and she is still enthusiastic to work more and open gates for people.

Unicorn, the magazine started with curiosity. She wanted to give a platform to all the people who are struggling to get a platform to write because when she started there were very few opportunities and platforms to write.

And even if there were some platforms, they used to have the criteria that if you have the experience only then you can write.

So her idea was to start a magazine where people don’t have to be experienced, there is no bar, it’s for everyone.
Doesn’t matter if you are 18 or 80 years old, you can write. It’s an open platform where everyone can write irrespective of their background, nationality, or experience.


Her main motive was to get an open platform for everybody and also get back to the golden age of poetry in the literature field.

Romila’s Childhood

She comes from a humble family. She spent many years in Delhi and studied in a couple of schools there.

As a child, she was more into playing outside with friends. She was always adventurous and is active to date and enjoying her 30s more than anything. She enjoys reading books which can explain her passion for writing as well.

The story of success

She has authored 17 books, writing a mix of non-fiction and fiction books and poetry in 6 years.In 2016 her first nonfiction book came out. It took her 11 years to become an entrepreneur but she doesn’t consider that a struggle as every minute was a learning step towards her dream.

Her main mantra is to learn every day. In her words” failures are the stepping stone to success. We have to keep seeing something positive in every failure and learn from it. Struggles just push you in the right direction.”

She encourages readers to have a positive relationship with their struggles and tries to take them as a guidance rather than setback.


Although nowadays everyone is talking about her success, she is a very down-to-earth person who works daily without breaks to learn and experience different kind of achievements.

It did take her really a long time to become a successful entrepreneur and she is happier to take her magazine to the next level and define success differently.

Her dedication to her brand and all the things she has done for the people who were looking for a platform to write are commendable. Thus, SYT is awarding her Business Leadership Award in 2022.

Message for the Readers

For all those who wish to start their own business, Dr. Romila says

“Business and entrepreneurship is a very interesting area of profession. Make sure you have a plan before getting into any business. You won’t be successful in first step so you have to give a lot of hard work, you need to work without thinking about deadlines and breaks, there are a lot of things that team members (if you have one) cannot do for you so as the founder of the business have to work very hard to make sure that the goals are achieved. Owning your own brand is a nice feeling. Do a lot of research and if you fail, try to understand why you failed. That will help you out to make strategies to be successful”

We hope this message motivates you further and helps you start something that you enjoy doing.

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