Shrishti Bhartia, The New Age Entrepreneur! A social media star!

Shrishti Bhartia, Entrepreneur and a graphic designer. A woman who turned her passion into a career. 

She is proficient in making cute and aesthetic stationery. Her Brand name is Shrishbish. She didn’t plan to grow on such a big scale, but here we are, looking through her journey and finding inspiration. 


What is her company all about?

Shrishbish is divided into three parts (sectors)-

  • Corporate gifting and personalized stationery
  • Wedding stationery and wedding invitations for significant events 
  • logo and branding kit for small businesses. 

What made her choose this as her full-time work?

She says, “Because she knows the struggle of running a small business and trying to make an identity, thus, she wants to help others in making their identity. “


Shrishti has a cheerful personality and is passionate and hardworking. She loves her job so much that she works throughout the night. 

At the start of the company

She had no mission, vision, or goal. Initially, she started making illustrations for my friends, and gradually people started paying her for that. So it grew into this large-scale business for which we are very grateful. 

Company’s goal – she has multiple goals for the company. She plans to work for three companies, and in all three, she wants to be at the national level. She desires to grow on a scale where whenever people think about corporate gifting and personalized stationery, the first thought is Shrishbish. 

If you are wondering, “What made her choose to start working in this sector? “then the answer is quite different from what many have thought. She did not plan to start a business, but when she came into this industry, she realized there were many opportunities. When she started two years back, the covid pandemic was going on. She chose to be productive at this time and made illustrations for her friends. Due to the Pandemic, she had a better reach of her audience through the internet. This helped her get a good market platform and presence. 


Advice for the young entrepreneur

Here is what she has to say for the young entrepreneur –

“I read a lot and listen to podcasts which gave me a lot of advice. Do not invest a lot initially. Studying the market is important, do small experiments in the beginning, like knowing what are the risks. I made the mistake of spending a lot. If you are sure and know that a market is a good place for a business then go for it. “

Most important- her inspirations!

Her inspiration for such perfect illustration and timely delivery comes from her team – they are hardworking, look forward to new opportunities, and are equally enthused. She gave us a highlight on creating a healthy environment for the team. How you are towards your team members will have a significant impact. She ensures that they go for an outing once in a while. 


When her business grew and the orders poured, she hired some people. Initially, she used to teach them, and she used to give training sessions. Later her team included four artists who made the illustrations. But for any doubt, she is always there to guide them. So if you want your team to respect you, you have to respect them too. 

They will also give you the same treatment if you are constantly cranky and angry. But if you involve them in decision-making and for celebrations – that matters. Her team is very cooperative, and they treat her like a family. It is essential to give a healthy environment to your coworkers and interns. Every entrepreneur should go along with positivity and provide the best to the team.

She says, “Set your goals and keep going, don’t think too much about what if you won’t get the goal. Dream bigger.”

After all, she has made a brand we all are crazy about!


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