Sushant Jain: A stock market trader, A manager and a Professor!

Sushant Jain is a full time stock market trader, investor and HNI wealth manager. He has an experience of over 13 years and shares his valuable experience with people. He shares his tips and stock market views on a daily basis with his 26K followers on Instagram and 5000 Telegram group members.

An interest

Sushant Jain is a B.Com Graduate and further pursued Masters in the field of English. Ever since college, Sushant has had a keen interest in investment vehicles like the stock market. 

Upon seeing his friend work well in the stock market, Sushant was titillated and himself started putting in his money. To be independent, he started working to raise capital for stock marketing. He used 50% of his earnings to invest.

Mr.Sushant describes himself as a “speculative trader” for the time when he was wet behind the ears. He pursued his passion and started to learn more by meeting professionals and experienced people from the industry.

He worked for two years at the BSE office where he was prop desk trader. His job position entails him investing his own money and also guiding interested individuals. 

Today he has an experience of more than 13 years.


Mr.Sushant faced the primary struggle of his work not being financially lucrative. He considered this to be a consequence of his lack of knowledge and information about the said field of investment training.

He worked on this issue by enthusiastically learning more and more about stock market trading through learned professionals. 

He also found it difficult to cope with the losses, initially. He describes how losing the money one makes from trading in another trade can be mentally tough to cope with. 

To overcome this he divided his investable income in parts where one part was invested in the stock market and another in safer investment options such as a fixed deposit.


Sushant says that in order to make money in the market one must also be ready to lose money in the market. Not all investments reap profits and success is not a linear graph- this mentality helped him overcome his struggles and start a journey of success.

He advocates being a prudent investor as a novice. Sushant Jain himself only invested 50% of his earnings at the beginning stage. Only when he gained adequate experience and information about the field, did he invest more. 

His success and prowess in testimonies by his growth-  from investing parts of his income to fully investing money of others. His instagram account has a following of more than 26K followers!

Tips for fellow traders in the tough times

The COVID-19 has brought into focus the issues related to mental health. Mr.Sushant Jain feels that the key to a stable and healthy mental condition is in not biting off more than one can chew.

He believes that traders can be calm and collected and if they are prudent and patient. His top advice- One must always be prudent in the stock market. Do not compare yourself to others and work at your own pace.

Sushant’s other tips for maintaining mental health are- meditation and spiritual peace/strength. He feels that the human mind is impressionable and you must stay confident in order to sway them in your favour.

In such trying times being helpful towards others and making them feel comfortable in their own skin will not only benefit you but also make you feel content.Work on yourself and improve yourself to the best of your abilities. Be positive!

Message to the readers

Sushant advises all people to be learned about the stock market, a vehicle to generate lucrative wealth in the long run. With the right education and experience one can be more successful doing this than their traditional jobs.

Sushant feels that people should be opportunistic and must experiment with different types of work to land at something that you like. 

Gauge your skills and sharpen them. Take a little risk and keep working hard.

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