The covid-19 pandemic has shifted or has changed education forever. Schools have been shut across the world, millions of student’s futures have been thrown like a used paper. Due to this pandemic, more than 1 billion students across the globe are out of the classroom learning and are forced to sit at home. The hope of children for reaching a high level by studying hard has been dumb now. The way of teaching or simply saying, education has changed in all manners. The teaching now is taken place on digital platforms. Children due to this pandemic are being promoted to one and another class just by sitting at home. 

Now the people are waiting to see the impact of online learning, whether the students will learn anything now or will only copy-paste the answers with the help of Google. Before the pandemic also, there was a high growth of technology in the education field. Children are now able to learn more languages, can do video conferencing, online software learning, and other special strategies and techniques can be learned now which was not able to learn earlier than this pandemic.

The demand for online learning and classes is Increases, but on the other side, people do not take it as effectively as classroom learning. So let’s have a look at some basic advantages of online classes. 


No doubt, due to these growing online classes, parents are shifting students’ mind set from performing a professional program rather than doing a course. Skills are the basic things which one should adopt. Staying up with technology, and having all the skills which today’s modern technology needs is the toughest thing and that is the advantage online classes are providing. 


Self-learning is a key factor when it comes to online learning. The education level has shifted from the classroom to eat learning and has forced students to engage in self-paced learning rather than discussing important doubts with teachers. The recorded lessons, webinar, written content makes easier for the students to access self-learning. Online learning also helps to stay updated at every moment of life. Children when in the classroom, were not able to learn deeply as they just read the content written in books but now the technology forces them to read or to learn from everywhere possible, which can help them to succeed. 

If there are advantages of growing online classes then there will be disadvantages too, so let’s have a look at them. 


 A number of children have difficulty sitting in front of the screen for too long. There is a greater chance for students to get easily distracted by social media or by other digital platforms. It’s difficult for teachers to engage children in studies at the time of class. 


 Whether it’s true or not but at the time of classes many students make excuses bringing technology issues in front. But sometimes, the problem is true and no one is able to do anything to resolve the problem.  

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