Tips to keep your veggies fresh during lockdown!

Since we are in the second phase of the pandemic situation and also in a state of isolation, therefore it is very important for you to limit your trips to the grocery store by stocking up on the essentials smartly. From freezing to canning to sun drying, there are several ways of preserving food items for more than a month but not all vegetables can be stored in the same way.

So, here are some tips that you can follow to keep your veggies or dairy products fresh and preventing them from getting stale.

1.Wrap the vegetables with a paper

The first one is for keeping your green vegetables fresh. For this, wrap a paper around the vegetables so that it absorbs excess moisture and the vegetables are prevented from getting wilt. For herbs like mint leaves or coriander, put them in a glass of water and keep it on the window sill. In this way, you can keep them fresh for long, especially today, when covid-19 is at its peak and we need to isolate ourselves.

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2. Premium wraps such as PVC or PE cling film

The next one includes the use of premium wraps such as PVC or PE cling film. These wraps are quite effective for storing food for longer period of time. You can use them for storing fruits, raw vegetables, poultry products and seafood without any worries as it prevents oxidisation and thus eliminates wastage of food.

Always try to store fruits and vegetables separately. This is because, fruits release a gas called ethylene glycol at the time of maturation. This gas leads to ripening of fruit and can in turn lead to ripening of vegetables, causing damage to fruits as well vegetables stored with it.

3. Air tight containers

For food like wheat flour, pulses and rice, store them in airtight containers and check it regularly so that they are not caught by insects. As for refined flour, you can freeze it for around 2 days and then transfer it into an airtight container and refrigerate. This will prevent it from getting spoiled or attacked by insects.

4. Pasteurizing before storing

The next tip is for dairy products like milk, butter, cheese, yogurt etc. If you want them to last longer, then it is crucial that you store them accordingly. For packet milk, it is advisable that you pasteurize it before referigerating. As for yogurt and cheese, if kept in the fridge, it can be used upto a week. While for butter, you need to keep it in its original cover and it can last upto around two weeks. In order to make eggs last longer, store it in the coldest part of the fridge.

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5. Wash your vegetables before storing

The last and the most important one is to wash your vegetables before storing. Several vegetables like carrot, beetroot and spinach can be stored by washing, drying, chopping and freezing them in sealed bags. As for ginger, wash and dry it, then cut it into half an inch and refrigerate in a glass container. In this way, you will be able to store them for more than a month. Green chillies can be stored fir around two weeks by removing the stem and refrigerating it in a glass container.

In this way you can preserve food items for long and avoid its wastage. Lastly, shop and store smartly, always check for expiry dates before buying, and avoid hoarding. 

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