Uber in Collaboration with the Government!

We are pleased that we are supporting the Karnataka Government in its vaccination drive. In this collaboration, our activities will depend upon offering secure, timely, and vaccine-enabled transportation solutions for all. We would continue to promote immunization pursuits so that impact populations may rapidly heal and reconstruct their life, as part of our engagement with #MoveWhatMatters globally, was one of the statements.

B. Sriramulu, the Health Minister of Karnataka has announced that the Karnataka Government has signed a contract with the cab companies, mainly Ola and Uber for assisting the transportation of the passengers to the closest pre-approved facilities in the face of emergency cases apart from those related to COVID-19 disease.

The newly unveiled official statement specifies that the funding package of Rs 1 crore by Uber for the Karnataka Government is part of this commitment which was recently implemented. This commitment is to fund Rs10 crore worth of rides for free to the state governments Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW), and local NGOs in 34 cities in India which includes Bengaluru.

 On Tuesday, Mr. Sriramulu tweeted saying that it has been found by the administration that citizens who haven’t been contaminated (by COVID-19) are having problems with the shortage of public transport if they are to be treated in hospitals. Ola Cab and Uber have approved and introduced the facilities in Bengaluru, to offer (the above) facility in quite a crisis.

Uber reported that free trips to and from the closest approved vaccine facility should be used by all people qualified to be vaccinated. These free trips are possible via the quickly redeemable discount code — 10M21V, keeping it simpler and more secure to ride to approved vaccine centers.

Here’s how to claim it from the Uber app 

1. Click the option at the top left corner of the Uber application and choose ‘Wallet’

2. To attach the 10M21V code, choose ‘Add Promo Code’ just at the end. 

3. The Uber app codes for any consumers in Bengaluru would apply to all the services within the Uber app.

4. Apply that promo code and return the trip for such a visit to the next licensed vaccine center situated in a government or private center.

5. Proceed to their home page and register yourself or perhaps the individual for whom you reserve the pick-up/drop-off venue.

6. Verify your journey

7. The passenger has the right to up to 2 free transportation from and to the Vaccination Centre. The worth for every free ride shall be overall Rs 150.

8. The total price seen before checking the journey includes the discount

In fact, on such difficult days, these free trips would help improve drivers’ earnings chances on Uber’s website.

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