UN Suspends Russia from Human Rights Council, Ukraine Says “Thankful”

The United Nations General Assembly today suspended Russia from Human Rights Council after killings in Ukraine’s Bucha, reports news organization AFP. Proof of non-military personnel killings in Bucha and different towns around Kyiv which Ukraine has accused on Russian soldiers, charges denied by Moscow have stunned the world and set off calls for new authorization on Moscow.

Of the 193 individuals from the gathering, 93 casted a ballot for suspension as proposed by the United States while 24 casted a ballot against and 58 went without, recommending debilitating global solidarity against Russia at the United Nations.

UN to vote Thursday on suspending Russia from rights council |  International | wrde.com

It was the second ever suspension of a country from the gathering. Libya was the first, in 2011.

Ukraine said it was “appreciative” for the choice to suspend Russia from the UN Human Rights Council, saying “war hoodlums” ought not be addressed in the body.

“War lawbreakers have no bearing in UN bodies pointed toward safeguarding common freedoms,” Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said on Twitter.

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