What after 12th? Here are some Courses you can do after 12th!

Class 12th board exams are cancelled; considerable stress has been lifted off young adults’ shoulders. They had spent months mulling over the possibility of board exams and simultaneously preparing for it.

Now that there is no more worry, students are presented with a perfect opportunity to enrol in short-term and long-term courses for fun, acquire skills, or further their aspects in chosen career paths.

Courses to do after 12th

Here are some of the best courses you can do after the 12th standard. Gauge them and choose one that enthrals you.

  • Bachelors of Arts

You can pursue a bachelor of arts or a bachelor’s in Arts subjects like Political Science, psychology, English, history, philosophy, and more. The University of Delhi is the best choice for these courses.

  • Bachelors of Science

If you were a science student in school, you could do bachelors in related subjects like chemistry, physics and biology. 

  • Bachelors in Maths and economics

Lovers of numbers can pursue an undergraduate degree in maths and economic course. 

  • Medicine/Nursing/Paramedical/Pharmaceutical 

If you pursued science with biology in 11th and 12th standard, check out medical courses. A range of courses from medicine to nursing to paramedics is available.

  • Law

Law is an up and coming course, popularised by five-year degrees, splendid colleges and attractive yearly packages. If you enjoy reading and research-this might be the course for you.

Beware-it isn’t like the movies; you generally don’t need to argue in courts.

  • Management

Hotel and other management is an attractive option for students who prefer vocational and practical experiences. Universities all over the country take entrance exams for enrollment and even offer foreign placements/internships.

  • Chartered Accountant

Students for all three streams- humanities, commerce, and science-can enrol in the chartered accountant course. There is no need for an undergraduate degree to enrol in the course.

  • Journalism and Mass Communication

For all the journalism aspirants or News channel aspirants, this degree is the way forward. Do lots of internships to improve your job prospects and keep a good command of your local language.

  • Fashion designing

Fashion designing is a prevalent choice of a degree in liberals arts. Many universities like the Pearl academy teach the course. The degree will open up avenues of designing and styling.

  • Digital/social media marketing

If spending hours reading and learning isn’t your thing-consider doing a digital marketing, website designing or social media marketing course. 

This course is the new “it” thing, and today, every business requires digital marketing skills.

  • Language courses

Language courses can be pursued as a hobby or even as a professional avenue. Skilled professionals can become tutors, translators and also work at embassies.

  • Photography

Love clicking pictures, finding art in mundane things- try photography. Photography has various avenues like travel photography, wedding photography, infant photography, underwater photography, and model photography.

  • Event Management

No matter what happens, weddings and birthdays and parties will always occur. They will always require event managers. You can open your business or even work in a managing company.

  • Creative writing and content writing 

If literature is your thing, you can pursue creative writing or content writing. Having a degree in English would be beneficial for you. 

You can also do crash courses on writing and internships with content writing companies to gain exposure. 

  • Fine arts

Fine art is a vast subject. If you enjoy dancing, singing, painting, animation, portraits, playing instruments, etc., you can professionally pursue them and get a degree. 

Consider making a social media presence for popularity and likeability.

  • Human Resource’s

Every company has a Human Resource department, so the relevance of the diploma of Human Resource is not going anywhere. HR departments handle the employees of a company and ensure smooth functioning.

  • Interior designing

Degrees and crash courses are available in interior design. Interior designers decorate homes and offices, which are the dreams of a people.


Hundreds of courses are available that can be pursued by students after graduating from school. The process of choosing a course is based on the careful deliberation of interest and aptitude.

Look for what interests you and what will make you happy if you pursue it. Then see if your chosen course matches your potential. If it ticks both these boxes, go for it. Also read https://spillyourthoughts.com/cbse-class-12th-exams-cancelled/

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