What is Havana syndrome?

What is Havana syndrome?

US vice President, Kamala Harris delayed for several hours a trip to Vietnam after the US embassy in Hanoi reported a possible case involving , acoustic incidents there, raising concerns she could be a target. Disease, considered to be mysterious so far, called the Havana syndrome has left several US diplomats plagued with severe headaches, nausea, and possible brain damage this week. ,While many official’s are convinced that Havana syndrome is a sustained attack involving electronic weapons, there are also conflicting ideas about it. The condition which seems to have almost uniformly affected U.S. officials has sparked several theories from microwave attack to weapons that focused on ultrasound poison and even reaction to crickets. Brief about entire situation :


On Tuesday, US vice president Kamala Harris delayed for several hours a trip to Vietnam after EU S embassy in Hanoi reported possible case raising concerns she could be a target ultimately Harris did go to Hanoi but the US state department said it was investigating a case of what the federal government officially dubbed an health incident. It was later unofficially called Havana syndrome by the media. However, it is important to understand that Havana syndrome is not new. dozens of such cases were reported by US diplomats and intelligence officers since 2016 first in Cuba, then in China, Germany, Australia. In July The New Yorker magazine reported that have been dozens of cases among the US officials, Austria since the beginning of 2021 however the actual number of incidents reported by American officials has been kept under the wraps of security reasons. Why it is called the Havana Syndrome?

The syndrome was first named after Havana after the administration of former U.S. President Donald Trump pulled the country’s official out of the Cuban capital and expelled 15 Cuban diplomats from Washington, hinting that either its government or Russia was behind the attacks. After trump accused Cuba of but bearing the attacks the US Government reduce staff to the embassy in the country to a minimum the Cuban foreign minister in turn accused the US of lying about incident and denied any involvement. Concerns :

There are concerns among officials of EU S state department that a powerful rival possibly Russia is mounting the attacks. Following Kamala Harris delete trip to Vietnam former CIA operative himself a victim of same syndrome in Moscow 2017. Symptoms: People of Moscow reported to be down with Havana syndrome have often mentioned hearing a focused high pitch and sharp sound that left them nauseated. in some cases the if elected had bloody noses headaches and other symptoms

Theories: Although the US government dismissed complaints regarding the havanas syndrome for several years instead judging them to be symptoms of people under stress or reacting with. unknown stimuli the latest cases called for revision. Several US official said Russia was likely responsible for the tags this viewer sharp by CIA analyst state department officials even several of the victims.It is known that Russia has history of researching weapons that could potentially cause brain damage such as Cold War era Moscow signal however there is no statement from U.S. government.

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