What to eat during your periods?

Who thinks of having a healthy diet today, when it comes to burgers and pizzas serving our taste buds!!

But, while you need to maintain a balanced diet throughout, you must also take special care of your diet during the most crucial time of the month; i e. during your periods. We know, it might be quite tempting to reach for a can of soda or a piece of chicken during this period; but you might actually be doing a lot of harm to yourself that might worsen your period pain. Therefore, while some foods might help you with abdominal cramps or headaches during your periods, others might worsen it. So, we’ve prepared a list of certain foods that might help you feel better with such symptoms.

1. Fruits


Don’t forget to add fruits to you diet list, especially during this time. Fruits will provide with all the energy you require to combat fatigue and weakness.

Water-rich fruits like cucumber and watermelon are great for keeping yourself hydrated. The natural sugars in such fruits will help in alleviating bloating. Moreover, sweet fruits will help you to curb your sugar cravings without eating much refined sugar.

2. Dark chocolate

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Looking for something tasty and beneficial at the same time? Then, this might be the correct choice. Dark chocolate is said to be rich in iron and magnesium; which tempers mood swings. It also helps in regulating the happy hormone, serotonin. But, for such benefits, try sticking to chocolate with 60% or higher cocoa content.

According to a study, it has been found that magnesium reduces the severity of PNS symptoms.

3. Leafy green vegetables

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It is quite common to experience a dip in iron levels during your periods; especially if you have a heavy menstrual flow. This can, in turn, result in weakness and body pain. Therefore, try taking green vegetables like spinach and kale that are rich in iron. Instead of reaching for a cheeseburger, go for green vegetables that will replenish your body’s iron supply.

4. Ginger tea

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Ginger has a special quality of anti-inflammatory effects that helps in soothing achy muscles. Therefore, by having a cup of ginger tea, you can help yourselves from symptoms of menstruation. It is also said to be beneficial for nausea. But, try not to consume it in great quantities, as it can lead to stomachaches and heartburn.

5. Fish

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Fish can be another nutritious addition to your diet, as it is rich in protein, iron and omega-3 fatty acids. Being rich in iron, it can help you in raising your iron levels that might dip during menstruation. Studies have shown that omega-3 also helps in reducing period pain. Also, if you experience mood swings during your periods, then too Omega-3s is helpful.

Apart from adding things to your list, you also need to avoid items that contribute to worsening the symptoms. Some of these items include, carbonated drinks, fried foods, high fat foods, refined grains etc. Try avoiding these food items to keep discomfort to a minimum. Water, on the other hand, can be quite beneficial during this time. Try drinking as much water as you can, in order to avoid dehydration headaches, which are a common symptom of menstruation. You can also practice a few yoga poses to relieve cramps.

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