When the best psychologist talked about mental health and shared their experience with us!

We all are in the middle of a global pandemic that has impacted our mental health negatively. However, there is one section of our society that is facing this burden more than others. These are the people with special needs. Reportedly, 14% of the total world population has been diagnosed with some disability.

We approached the best 5 psychologist to talk about mental health and see how beautifully they shared their views on the same.


To our surprise the most people do not even realize that they have acquainted their minds and bodies with mild or moderate disability levels, according to a source.

Nevertheless, Tori Amos once rightly said that “Some of the most wonderful people are those who don’t fit into boxes.” Taking this vision forward is Tanu Rajput, the founder and trustee of a charitable trust that is determined towards structuring an all-inclusive society for those who have been subjected to social intolerance and community stigma for ages. 

She believes that the vital recipe that makes children with special needs do wonders demands motivation, support, and confidence in equal proportions.

The organization was started in 2009 and was registered in 2013 under the name of UDAI and she is Autism therapist in the NGO.

UDAI has successfully sheltered and inspired people between the age range of 3 to 30 years with all the desired amenities and a proficient team of psychologists specializing in multiple disciplines. 

However, this success did not come easy. It was challenging to counsel parents and bring them back to the period of normalcy, familiarizing them with the demands of their child with special needs. Further, they also faced problems while running a charitable trust in the national capital. There were financial restraints implemented due to low fundings and expensive therapy sessions. Nevertheless, they were inspired to see the incredible benefits provided to children with particular therapy, so they did not pause for a moment. 

It has mainly been seen that with the right amount of push and encouragement, people with special needs can progress, develop, participate, and become able to carry out normal regular activities. 

With a 3:1 student-teacher ratio, the organization is available for 24*7 hours and lends guidance to anyone who seeks them out. After all, success and intelligence cannot be measured by how a person performs on paper. With an extremely high level of creativity, these children can mark a change in society. Their ideas are beyond the scope of imagination, and it is fascinating to see how little they expect from us.  

Since its onset, COVID-19 has had disastrous effects on the lives of these children and their families. Miss Rajput also advised some tips that can prove beneficial in coping with this phase of stress. 

We know, covid pandemic is effecting mental health very badly!

The widespread outbreak of this infectious disease has caused fear, worry, change in sleeping patterns, concentration problems, worsening of mental health conditions, and so many more humanly tricky things to understand. Contacting the friends and family we trust and love, in the phase of stress, depression, fear, or aggression, maintaining a healthy lifestyle with proper diet, sleep, exercise, and spending more time in communicating with our family by limiting the time we spend in front of digital media that is perceived as upsetting. 

Children are believed to display negative deteriorating changes in their social health, behavior, and responsibilities since the onset of this pandemic. Resilience and healthy, challenging, accepting behavior is encouraged by the family to keep children out of troublesome situations.

Dealing with difficult times is easier if it is utilized to redefine family goals, share less screen time, shelter your emotions together, and make the most of the minimal outdoor time.

Still today, disability has remained invisible in the mainstream development agenda and its processes, and UDAI aims to change this composition.

To know more about this inspirational young enthusiast visit https://in.linkedin.com/in/tanu-rajput-440aa0167.

The fantastic psychologist Bharat Singh Sehrawat

Bharat Singh Sehrawat is an excellent psychologist and life coach. He provides drugless and fast healing for various issues.

Around 5-6 years back, he decided to learn yoga for good mental health and peaceful life. He completed a proper yoga course and coincidently met an eminent psychologist. 

He decided to do MA in psychology. He learned the art of hypnosis and majored in different psychotherapies. He is a properly trained psychologist who has good work experience. He has directly received training under another psychologist.

He has helped various clients who suffered from depression, anxiety, relationship issues, Stress, etc. He has made several trips to rehabilitation centers during his training years. He has also done chakra healing, past life regression therapy, follows various yoga therapies, and practices access bar.

On 22 December 2018, he started his practice in Dwarka. He opened a clinic in 2018 that is running successfully till now, and he has attended more than 500 patients and has given consultation to many.

The various consultation services he provides includes

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Fear and phobia
  • Relationship Issues 
  • Stress Issues
  • Anger and Headache Issues
  • PCOD
  • PTSD
  • Insomnia
  • Lack of confidence

Theoretical knowledge is not enough for a practical subject; hence field study is critical for a successful practice. Marks and university cannot describe a person. All you need is field practice. 

He believes that despite the country’s development, the ideologies of people make them orthodox. In India sharing your mental health or going to a psychologist means that you are insane, but this is not true.  

Every patient seeking help for depression is not mental. No one is mental in this world; only you need some assistance.

In India, people still want to seek Baba’s help rather than seek a psychologist’s help. Bharat Singh wishes to change this mindset. During this pandemic, a lot of people suffered depression and sought the help of Bharat Singh. Bharat Singh also provides online consultation for various problems. 

He also believes that doing yoga or any other physical activity and getting a psychologist’s help during a mental breakdown can work wonders. 

We spoke to him about mental health;

  • He recommends the people avoid watching the news or listening to negative thoughts so that a person can maintain mental peace.
  • He also believes that doing yoga can change people and take them to mental stability.
  • Stick to a balanced diet and seek doctor’s advice when in need.
  • Talk with your loved ones whenever you feel sinking emotionally.
  • Take mental issues seriously and seek a mental health practitioner or a psychologist.
  • Stay hydrated and healthy.
  • Do meditation daily and avoid indulging yourself in stressful acts.

Well, it’s genuinely said perfection and knowledge come from experience.

Psychology is a costly field, and the actual earning comes after many years. This problem Bharat Singh Sehrawat faced as well. Getting clients is very tough in India as people are very much inferior in their thoughts. The kind of respect that a psychologist should get is not available in India. Hence, Bharat Singh advises people to go for this field but consider the pros and cons of the area. Nevertheless, success comes to those ready to beat the odds and make their way even in the darkest of moments.

You can give up on everything for your dream only if you can work hard and with determined steps, never fear to fall. Take every failure as an opportunity and choose every path wisely. 


Payal Chhoker, a name that not many of us know, but would surely do by the end of this piece, is a certified psychologist and practitioner who has completed her M.phil from the Institute of Human behaviour and Allied Sciences (IHBAS), which is regarded as the most prestigious institution for pursuing a successful career in psychology. 

As a mental health advocate and a psychology enthusiast, she is keen on demarcating the criteria between a psychologist and a psychiatrist while also telling us the importance of attaining a certificate and the degree of M.Phil before starting a professional practice. 

She stands as a one-woman army, being the company owner of Kairos psychological wellness centre. Her journey to this fascinating position is exciting and does not fail to inspire many. 

She had a commerce background in high school but always seemed to have a slight inclination towards the arts and humanities stream. Psychology seemed to attract her the most of all the art subjects. This attraction was attributed to her realization that there was no help, guidance, or support provided to her generation and that they could not turn to anyone for suggestions. 

When she was about to begin her graduation journey, she wanted to add to her subject that resonated with her personality appropriately.

That was when psychology came into her knowledge. She was filled with an undying passion for following this field and converting it into her career. Further, she was also hoping to bestow the upcoming generation with generous mental health amenities. 

The struggles she faced

When she started with her practice, she was not happy with how people responded to the provision of talk therapy or counselling to treat mental health disorders. Besides, she has observed how Indians are still far from reaching the sensitivity level required to understand psychological issues of varying levels. She is also worried about the prevailing direction of mental health input country. The current pay scale adds to the difficulties of the perpetuating situation. 

She provides the perfect embodiment of ethical and procedural display. Her ability to create a non-judgemental platform for her clients has enabled her to reach heights of success. She strictly avoids past experiences, prejudices, and discriminatory behaviours to influence her thoughts and cognitive patterns while in therapy. 

Her thoughts on curbing the stress surrounding pandemics revolve around acceptance, acknowledgment, and self-preservation. She believes it is high time that we start talking about this essential topic. She emphasizes that it is necessary to understand that everybody has given up something very significant and personal to them, be it an opportunity, a college year, a relationship, unemployment, or even a loved one.

Acknowledging the fact that we are struggling and challenging is very important. Self-preservation is paramount,  she has gained experience with great institutes like Dr Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital; Apollo Hospital ; O P Jindal Global University and more. A striking factor is her claim towards being protective and not just productive.

Patience, endurance, and hope are the second most essential characteristics to exhibit resilience. One is not supposed to look at the negative side constantly. It destructs rational thought patterns and impairs our cognition. We need to shift our focus to something that is there rather than something that is not there. 

Her experience in understanding the human mind has been wholesome.

She is  a certified psychologist and trainer who has come across different reasons at different times. She has also observed that people are worried excessively due to their underlying thought processes rather than the actual surroundings. Some people amplify specific challenges to the extent that they start taking a toll on their mental health. Most people follow an unhealthy approach to the difficulties they face. 

Intaking all the necessary knowledge and applying it to her real surroundings, Payal Chhoker’s Kairos Psychological Wellness Centre is packed with skilled and certified professionals who are driven with the primary aim of creating a safe mental health platform for everyone. 

To know more about Payal Chhoker, visit her at . https://g.co/kgs/m4rdWc .

The integrative approach of psychology and spiritual healing in mental health with Dr. Pooja

Dr. Pooja’s journey began at the age of 15 after she began studying psychology as well as spiritual healing at the same time. Soon she realized that perhaps, the two realms are deeply intertwined at their foundations; since both disciplines explore the human subconscious mind. She had considerable difficulties initially persuading people. However, fortune favours the prepared minds; her determination brought her luck which made her journey easier.

The youngest psychologist

Dr. Pooja Anand Sharma, founder of Vishwas Healing Centre, strongly believes that when it gets down to treating mental state, there is an unending optimism to relieve via an integrated model. Usually, mental health patients may not recognize their troubles, especially those that are concealed.

According to her belief, spiritualism is frequently confused with religion. However, this is not the reality, spiritualism isn’t a religion. It transcends all cultures, castes, and religions. She explained, “This has something to do with you, your inner self, and the proper life philosophy. It’s also about achieving serenity and reconnecting with yourself. Somebody who can achieve peace within, does not require the help of other.” As a result, at Vishwas Healing Centre, she strives to restore such long-forgotten understanding, taking a step ahead of cognitive and emotional quotients, to the much-required Spiritual quotient.

The fascinating challenge and her amazing journey

Her prime assets, creativity and passion assists her to combine the two areas in a very profound and valuable manner that she never looked back again. Each member/client has enhanced her uniquely. She is an amazing leader who beautifully amalgamate the potential of everyone at the office to bring out the best team to serve the community.

So, she never felt her job to be difficult. Instead, it became a fascinating challenge for her, something what we look for in a psychologist. Her extensive counseling abilities, grasp of the variations and pairings of multiple methods employing psychological as well as spiritual healing, has earned her great client satisfaction.

When she turned her passion into career

Her passion for her profession and creativity has gotten her a lot of success. She considers it a privilege to report that her job success percentage is 99.1%. This belief proves to be a defining moment in her life. She feels that both psychological, as well as spiritual healing, have benefited not just her but also her patients. She has always considered opportunities in every struggle or challenge that she faced in her work.

The challenge in integrative approach was no struggle but  a path of growing up” – says Dr.Pooja

The brilliance of both psychological and spiritual healing involves discovering and bringing hidden problems to the forefront to be healed. Luckily, after 18 years of dedicated work, she has also changed her life as well as the lifestyles of many others. Although psychology is rational, spiritual healing has an element of mysticism that could only be experienced.

The legitimacy of the combined field of psychology and spiritual healing has been demonstrated by Vishwas Healing Centre.

Also during Covid-19, which now has shattered people’s lives, Vishwas Healing Centre believes that they were lucky to be able to help individuals deal with anxiety as well as depression in some way. The digital factor arose when they released motivational clips and held regular free Talk sessions for six weeks to help individuals cope with anxiety and stress. These digital workshops assist individuals in planning for any additional ambiguity and preparing for the shifts that may occur as a result of the pandemic.

You can reach her https://www.linkedin.com/in/vishwas-healing-centre-487a6670/

Astha Jain: A mental health counsellor

Amongst the list of very renowned psychologists, Astha Jain is a budding mental health counsellor who has been keen on spreading awareness about mental health and learning psychology. She is a 20 years old young adult who is pursuing psychology from Delhi University and is planning to go ahead with Psychology in the near future.

She believes that to explore the reality of life it is very important to also explore every part of yourself. She has been testing her skills out and has turned into a professional makeup artist, a graphic designer, and is currently developing into a tarot card reader and a numerologist as well. She has been running her tuition Centre since the age of 17 and has been an advocate of making studies of a fun activity for 11th and 12th.

She believes that she should be a human resource that is capable of doing everything and also that humans can accomplish each goal that they have dreamt of. In this pandemic, she has been an enforcer of positive mental health because we all know how mental health has been degrading due to immense suffering.

We cannot deny the fact that mental health should be given a top priority and she believes that the way we learn things in life, we can also learn how to develop positive mental health. She believes that in the coming future she will be able to remove the stigma of talking about mental health which is still dwindling in the lives of people. Also as a teacher, she believes that the education system and the way of teaching should change.

She believes that someday she will also turn into a teacher who will be able to teach in the right way and impart knowledge to a large number of students that is useful in the long run. She believes that as a professional psychologist she will be able to understand human nature and with that knowledge, she will be able to spread more beauty in the world that is missing.

As a budding psychologist in the coming years, she has already recognized her role in society and has been expressing her views on various platforms and panel discussions. She is a true advocate of self-love and wishes to be able to preach people the same.

She believes that one day she will be a role model and an inspiration for people to be more open about their mental health and believe in the power of expression. For the same, she has been building her skill constantly under various internships to get hands-on experience. Currently, she is under Dr. Amita who is a renowned psychologist.

Instagram: https://instagram.com/purpleblushe?utm_medium=copy_link

Closing up!

We believe, Counselling improves communication and coping skills, enhance self –esteem and promote behavior change. The results are IMPROVED ADJUSTMENTS, HIGHER FUNCTIONING and GREATER HAPPINESS.


Sty happy stay safe!

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