Women possess unbeatable power: Talk with the best counselors of town!

This week Spill Your Thoughts brings you a reason to break the stigma around counseling.

We have the two best counselors in the Town!

1. Srishti Ranjan

Srishti Ranjan, an experienced counselor who will break the wall that is stopping you from taking the help.

Educational background

She graduated from the IP College for women, Delhi University in Psychology. Afterward, she came to Ambedkar University, Delhi pursuing her master’s. She has a standard one-year post-graduate degree in NIPCCD counseling and child support. She also completed a one-year degree in UCLA career counseling and short-term training on solution-oriented therapy and dream interpretation.

She was fascinated by psychology while she was in class 12. She was always a girl who wished to assist people and who via her profession adds worth to their life. She can communicate to children and adults and comprehend the problems they face by being unjudged while assisting to make their progress easier.


She currently has more than 8 years of experience. At first, she has also interned in several institutions such as the Delhi Psychiatric Centre, hospital escorts, and Gangaram.   After finishing her studies she worked as a consultant and freelancer in Air Force School, Delhi. Before the pandemic, she served as a counseling psychologist and family therapist for a year in a facility named Sparsh in Rohini.

The only challenge she had was the attitude of individuals towards their problems of mental health. Adults are willing to seek treatment for their kids but not for themselves, and they place greater confidence in astrology or other techniques to deal with mental health issues, she observed. Unfortunately, it took a pandemic to realize the actual significance of mental wellness. Teenagers and adults have changed their perspectives. She has seen that, particularly among the younger age, people are not shy to seek assistance if it is accessible. Some know that they have to seek help from somebody beyond parents or friends, and there’s a role of the school counselor.

Covid has transformed the user experience by making everything available on the internet. As a result of her interactions with a variety of people dealing with several difficulties, she discovered that many people, especially children, are suffering at home. It causes a rise in stress, anxiety, and depression, not just as a consequence of pandemics, but also as a result of the uncertainty surrounding work, relationships, and one’s self.

As soon as the shutdown was declared, her job grew by huge leaps in no time. The good news is that individuals who were previously concerned about what others would think of them seeking treatment now feel more secure since they don’t have to travel anywhere and can reach out via the Internet.

Anxiety, depression, worries, poor self-esteem, stress, peer/parental pressure, rage issues, family issues, relationship issues, sleeplessness, behavior challenges in special needs children, and career counseling are among her specializations.

She conveys in her own words, “let’s choose to take care of ourselves both physically and mentally as a priority. Most importantly let’s change our mindset, be grateful and remember to keep embracing ourselves throughout our journey of life.”

She is now operating an Instagram account called @lets _connectourselves. She is fortunate to interact with many more people through her account and assist them in healing in their lives and journeys.

2. Mrs. Rachna

A great lady who has great wits and really is a superwoman

Rachna is also one of them who has great power and is a mother of two lovely children. She is the wife of a supper-loving and supporting husband. She is a teacher, who turned into an online Counselling Psychologist.


She is a fully qualified person. She is a Certified life coach and NLP practitioner. She possesses a Certificate in Guidance and Counselling. She holds credentials of being a Counselling psychologist and a successful life coach. She is also an M.com and is Net qualified in Commerce. So in total, she has Masters in Psychology, M.com, B.ed, NET qualified. She has served 7 years of teaching in KVS as PGT (commerce).


She is an expert in Relationship Counselling and counsels people about long-distance relationships, siblings, parents, and also counsels about friendships and various other issues. From her experience, she has learned that people never give weightage to their own personal emotional health until and unless it affects their physical health. People are never ready to open up very easily about what they experience and what they feel. They don’t want to disclose their true self very easily.

The biggest challenge is to make people realize that their emotional health is a very important one. During the Covid times, she realized many things when she released her website. During the lockdown period, she gave free counseling to more than 500 people. A maximum of them faced anxiety, and hence she gave them appropriate solutions and helped them in having a speedy recovery.

The tough times of pandemics taught her to be prepared for any kind of unforeseen situation. The pandemic taught the people to use intelligence to survive the pandemic in various different appropriate ways.


Leaving an established career in teaching was not an easy decision for her. She had to switch to her passion as well. Leaving her job made her emotionally intelligent. During her job days, she learned that how loneliness affected the students’ performance. This motivated her to do something in the relevant field.

When it is said Success doesn’t come in handy, Mrs. Rachna proved this in her way. She has 1000+ happy clients! What makes her the best in the town is her mission to help one million people so that they can live an emotionally happy and stable life.

Various skills

She possesses various skills like communication skills, Patience, Compassion, knowledge of laws and regulations, Open-mindedness, Interpersonal skills, etc.

She is a relationship coach,  possesses great skills and knowledge, and is a person of great wits. She handles her personal and professional life very well, and hence she is a true spirit. She is a noble person and lives life to the fullest. She is determined, and due to her risk-taking behavior, she is a great personality who was able to achieve her dreams and work towards the greater good of the people. The people like her always achieve success no matter how hard the situation may look. They know how to turn things in their own good favor.

You can visit her website for more details www.mindfulnessdiva.co

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