Yellow Fungus- Another deadly disease

Today, when the whole country is trying to fight with the second wave of covid-19 along with several cases of black and white fungus, the state of Uttar Pradesh reported first case of Yellow Fungus which is believed to be more dangerous than the ongoing black and white fungus. It is therefore very important to pay attention to its symptoms and treatment. So, we bring before you a whole bunch of information of what it is and how it can be cured.

What is yellow fungus?

Yellow fungus can be lethal as it begins to cause internal damage. It is therefore advisable that you see a doctor in case of any symptoms before it becomes severe.

Causes and symptoms

The main cause behind this fungus is said to be poor hygiene. Another cause of yellow fungus can be exposure to unsanitary conditions, contaminated food and overuse of steroids. By getting rid of old food and having proper disposal of feces, you can avoid the fungus from growing. It has been found that humidity level in a room should not above 40% range as it increases the risk of fungal infection. If you are under another disease or medical condition, then is important for you to be more careful as you might be at a higher risk of catching the infection.

Now Yellow Fungus Cases Reported in India after Black and White Fungus -  Sentinelassam

There are several symptoms of yellow fungus including, loss of appetite, laziness and excessive weight loss. As it starts internally, the patients might experience lethargy due to draining out of energy. Other symptoms includes malnutrition, organic failure and slow healing of open wounds in severe cases. Like other fungal infections, yellow fungus can also affect the eyes, therefore you can check redness and recession of the eyes in such a case.


As for the treatment, if you are able to get medical help on time, then this fungus can be cured. Amphotericin B injection is an anti- fungal drug used in the treatment of yellow fungus. According to health experts, yellow takes longer to be cured than white or black fungus.

Although, it is a deadly disease, but we can fight with it, given that you are vigilant about the symptoms and are taking proper care of yourselves. Even if you have minor symptoms, don’t hesitate to see a doctor because it can get much worse than expected. So, just keep a check on your health and have a proper diet to avoid such infections.

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