A Colorful Women’s Day!

Empowering and Celebrating Women

International Women’s Day and the festival of Holi share a common thread of celebrating womanhood and its contributions to society. Both occasions unite people to express love, respect, and appreciation for women.

Holi is a festival of colors, joy, and happiness. It is a time to forget all differences and embrace each other with open arms. Women play an essential role in the celebration of Holi, as they are the ones who prepare unique dishes, decorate the house, and create a festive atmosphere. On this day, women come together to dance, sing, and enjoy the colors of Holi.

Similarly, International Women’s Day is a day to celebrate the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. It is a time to recognize women’s contributions and advocate for gender equality. Women have come a long way in breaking gender stereotypes and achieving success in various fields. International Women’s Day is an opportunity to acknowledge their hard work, courage, and determination.

The two occasions, Holi and International Women’s Day, share a common goal of celebrating womanhood, acknowledging their contributions to society, and promoting gender equality.

Celebrating womanhood with the festival of colors.

What a coincidence we have this year on the 8th of March. Usually, every year on this day, we celebrate International Women’s day globally. This year we will be celebrating two important occasions on a single day. On 8th March 2023, with international women’s day, we will also mark the festival colors, Holi. 

Bringing the attention of the world to the rights and equality of women.

International Women’s day, the symbol of feminism in this male-dominated society, is celebrated worldwide. This day reminds people about gender equality, reproductive privileges, abuse, and brutality against women. This day embarks on all women’s journeys by representing the power and suffering women face in the present and the past. Many events, talk shows, and campaigns are organized to make people realize what women can do and their rights. 

Many women in this country are unaware of their rights and suffer a lot because of their lack of knowledge. This day is specially celebrated to remind women what they are capable of and the power they have if they face any inequality or violence.

Gender disparities and prejudices are widespread in our communities, and women are disproportionately affected.  It has evolved into a platform for raising awareness and catalyzing social change.

As stated by the United Nations, the concept for this year’s Women’s Day is “DigitALL: Advancement and future technologies for gender equality; It aspires to emphasize the significance of technology in introducing gender problems to light.

Celebration of womanhood with colors.

Holi, the festival of colors, is the most colorful of all Hindu holidays. It signifies the conclusion of the cold season in India and the arrival of spring. On this joyous day, people interact with one another, play with colors, and start new beginnings. Like every Hindu festival, this holiday is also related to a mythological story. 

The first day of Holi is celebrated as Holika Dahan, and the following day is celebrated as Holi. On Holika Dahan, a pyre is burned to symbolize the victory of good over evil. The mythological story of Prahalda escaping the burning pyre is significant to this day. The triumph of good over evil is what all Indians are taught from childhood, and the festivals are a good way of explaining it to them.

The story of Holi is also related to mythology. In honor of the devoted love of Krishna and Radha, Holi is celebrated as a significant festival up until the day of Rangpanchmi in the Uttar Pradesh region of Braj (where Lord Krishna was raised). When Krishna was an infant, the she-demon Putana’s poisoned breast milk Krishna drank caused him to develop a distinctive blue skin tone. Later, when he was young, he would frequently be overcome with sadness over the possibility that the fair-skinned Radha or other girls in the village would never like him due to his dark skin tone. Krishna’s mother gave in to his pleading and instructed him to go and paint Radha’s face with whatever hue he pleased. Radha and Krishna thus became a couple when Krishna gave her color, and since then, people have been playing with colors at this festival.

A Positive Note

In the end, this year, we will celebrate two occasions with two different agendas. We at Spill Your Thoughts believe that women can rule the world, and as an organization, we support women. Our company will hire more female employees, making it a woman-centric organization and setting an example for others.

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