How to get into an MNC

How to get into a MNC

Want to work in a Multinational company, but don’t know how to go about it? Well, then don’t be distressed; as here we will be providing you will all the do’s and don’ts one needs to follow while applying in MNC. It will also include some tips that can help you to crack the interview and written test. We will try to make sure that getting a job in a Multinational company is not a dream anymore but a reality for most of you.

The first thing that you need to keep in mind is that you meet the eligibility criteria. In order to get into MNC, you need to have atleast 65% of marks. Also, make sure that you pass in all the subjects.

The next step will be a written test. The pattern of this test may vary for each company. In this test, the candidates are tested about their technical and aptitude skills. The test may be either pen paper based or online mode or a multiple choice one. In order to prepare for the exam, look for books that provide similar questions. Also, practice previous year question papers. Manage your time properly and always try to start with the aptitude section first.

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Even after clearing the written test, most of the people loose their chances in the interview process. Therefore, you need to be well prepared for the interview. Given below are some do’s and don’ts that you can follow to clear the step.

– Try to dress well, preferably in a light shirt and dark colour pant.

– Be confident

– Always greet your interviewer with a smile

– Keep all your documents like certificates, resume, marksheets etc. in a well maintained folder.

– Do not be over confident

– Do not loose your patience

– Do not sit unless you are asked to

– And lastly, do not forget the important things

While appearing for the interview, do not drag the topic as your interviewers are experts. Just keep your answers short and to the point. But, remember that the answer should be clear and significant.

Now, let’s move on to how to prepare the resume. Since, the interviewer asks questions from the resume itself, therefore, never mention something that you are unaware of. Try to limit your resume to two pages and do not make much use of capital or bold letters. Prepare a good statement and make your objective clear.

The last one is an interview with HR of the company. This might be tough than the technical interview. The HR manager might try to place you in stressful situations. But, the only way to crack this is to maintain your patience and a pleasant smile on your face, throughout the interview.

These were some of the tips that you can follow and make success in your trail.

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