Monsoon Wedding, Not To Worry, We Have Cool Tips To Save You!

When we talk about weddings, the only season that gets in our mind is wintery winter. But what if your date calls this monsoon, no no don’t worry about the falling apart, don’t worry about the rain, we have best of the solutions for you which will make your wedding a remembrance one! Monsoon wedding does call it something which is out of the box but believe me this is the best time to bargain and if planned well, a monsoon wedding is best for you!

1. A blessing in disguise
You must be thinking about the weather problems and what if the rain spoils your whole make up and antiquity. Look at the positive side, monsoon wedding is just a blessing in disguise . There is a shoe sale that happens every year during monsoon, you can bargain as much as you want because this is an off-season. One can really save a lot of money!

2. Pre-planning
Pre-planning is very important. You can ask your wedding planner to make water proof tents so that rain can not affect your wedding. Make sure you have a backup power supply and you can also keep a stock of umbrellas win your wedding, you never know what happens! Apart from this ,you can choose a unique decor with candles and mirrors styling.

3. Menu
Monsoon offers a great opportunity in exploring food menu, one can try anything and it will be just delicious. This is the best time for sea food or you can also keep a soup corner! People will love it. Besides live pasta and tawa tandoor you can add some live counter of bhajjiya and jalebi. Moreover, keeping hot drinks like kulhad milk is never a bad option.

4. Monsoon theme
Nothing is better than keeping a monsoon theme. Umbrellas, fountains, , candles and colourful decor will attract minds of many. Use a rainbow theme since it can give wings to audience or you can also use monsoon songs for the perfect occasion.

5. Wedding dress
Though it is believed for the groom and the bride to dress in heavy traditional clothes with ample of jewellery but one can escape from the thing by choosing a wedding in monsoon. You can wear lighter fabric with colourful designs. Monsoon gives you plenty of choices, it’s you who has to decide!

6. Rain dance
Have you ever thought that your guests are enjoying in a rain dance on your wedding? If not, then just think how much fun it would be! Throw some water splashes and doom the environment.

Having read this, you can all come to a conclusion that monsoon weddings are fun too. There are a lot more activities that you can do like deciding about the makeup, hair, Jewellery, etc. However, if heavy Raina ND thunderstorm calls then you may delay your timings too. One must keep in mind that monsoon can cause heavy traffic so it is advisable to leave early to reach your destination on time.

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