As Europe begins to open up, here a guidelines of what travel restrictions apply within the EU. The hospitality sector in Europe is breathing a sigh of relief. As COVID incidence rates fall, restrictions are being relaxed, making tourism possible again. DW travel offers applied in EU. As coronavirus infection numbers continue to fall across much of Europe, many countries are lifting lockdowns and easing travel and entry requirements. But, while pandemic regulations are being relaxed in some countries, others are tightening their entry rules again because of surge of the delta Variant.

As was the case before, the situation in each country can change from one day to the next, which again requires flexibility from tourists and tour operators, hotels And restaurants in the summer of 2021. Tourists from Israel, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore, among others, can already travel to many European countries. And, since June 20, US citizens have also been able to do so again. As of July 1, travel restrictions have been lifted for other countries jointly selected by EU member states.

Tourism in Europe is picking up again. Here are the rules for most important information. The European Union: An overview of EU travel measures, including information of the EU Digital covid certificate, is available via the European commission website. Detailed information regarding quarantine rules testing requirements and more in the European Union 27 member states along with non European Union countries Switzerland Norway and Iceland can be accessed through the reopen of European Union platform you can also download the reopen European Union smartphone app for up to date information on go.

Please note that every member state maintain its own rule for granting entry to third country travelers already within the European Union member states may require a negative COVID test upon arrival on mandate a quarantine period after entry in addition European Union countries have implemented a wide variety of social distancing rules curfews and mask wearing rules. The European Union COVID traffic light system The European Union has introduced a traffic light system for a better overview of Epidemiological situation in individual member states. Three colors- red, orange and green, denote high , medium and low risk rates in the bloc. Grey regions signify areas where insufficient data is available.

The information listed here is not exhaustive, Source as refer only is subject to change at any time all travelers two and within Europe the Europe union and the area are strongly advised to consult the official guideline and regulation of local state and national authorities in relevant countries.

The European Union digital COVID certificate To ease European Union travel European Parliament approved a digital COVID certificate that has been rolled out across the entire block it shows that individual have either been fully vaccinated tested negative for the virus or recovered from the disease. EU digital covid certificate To ease EU travel, the European parliament approved a digital covid certificate that has been rolled out entire bloc.

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