All above herd immunity! When can we achieve it! 

All above herd immunity! When can we achieve it! 

All across the country, experts have said as some of the states are still seeing a significant number of infections indicating that the immunity of the population is lower than in many other states. 

The latest survey conducted by the Indian Council of Medical research has revealed that two-thirds of the population has antibodies against Covid-19 infection. However, at the same time, the rest of one-third is still vulnerable. If we follow the national findings, states have also been releasing their survey results which again brings herd immunity to the fore, as states like Bihar, Odisha have claimed that their survey results indicate that they have achieved herd immunity. 

What is herd immunity? 

According to the World health organization definition, herd immunity is also known as population immunity. It is indirect protection from an infectious disease that happens either through vaccination or through exposure to the previous infection. 

Indian population and herd immunity: 

Experts have said the national survey is the overall situation of the country’s population which is not a critical reflection of State-wise immunity. 

While the overall data says 67.6% of people have immunity against covid in India, the % may be more in some states. It can be lower than in some other states. For example, Bihar Odisha said around 70 % of its population has immunity against covid. On the other hand, only 50% population in Kerala have antibodies. 

AIIMS doctor Dekhi Yudhyavir Singh has said Delhi might have achieved her immunity, considering the extent of the second wave of the pandemic. 

  Last week, Niti Aayog member Dr. Paul said India had achieved herd immunity, neither through natural’ infection nor through vaccination. However, experts have also noted as different states are seeing different trajectories of covid-19 cases, herd immunity will not be uniform. 

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