GOA: Rabies Free

Goa in 2014 started mission rabies it is a UK based charity that first begin a pilot project to vaccinate
stray dogs in state go ahead recorded 17 human Deaths due to rabies.

On May 17 animal husbandry director issued a notification declaring Goa rabies control state for
murugan the Indian education director of mission rabies it was day he was long waiting for in 2014 when
mission rabies a UK based charity first began there were 17 human deaths but the last hums n dead due
to rabies was recorded in September 2017 no fresh case of rabies in humans has since been recorded in

Goa has been the first in the country to be declared a rabies control state it is on its way to become the
country’s first rabies Free State we cannot yet call ourselves a rabies Free State because there are still
some cases of dogs being detected with rabies especially in the border of course but we are surely
getting there said ‘ Minister’.

Rabies in its first year of operation in Goa vaccinated 20400 and sterilized around 20,000 dogs providing
it was possible with greater manpower and dedication to vaccinate over 70% of them in the state with
the government agreeing to collaborate and fund the project to make go a rabies Free State the NGOs
embarked on mission to vaccinate 70% of state dogs population.

The government notified a special scheme under which it bore the cost of entire program this included
all the purchases of syringes and rabies test kit lab charges and the salaries of the drivers dogcatchers
and expenditures hit the government has spent over 1.65 crore over three years on this scheme.

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