DALAI LAMA was born on 6 July 1935 in Tibet, and he came to India in 1959. He stated that he is the son of India. The Tibetan Buddhist community is celebrating his birthday today. The 14 DALAI LAMA turned 86 today; his name is Tenzin Gyatso.

He was born on 6 July 1935 and came to India in 1959. He classifies himself as the son of INDIA. Many leaders, including Delhi chief minister ARVIND KEJRIWAL and the counterpart SHIVRAJ SINGH CHOUHAN, have greeted DALAI LAMA on his 86 birthday. One of the artists shared his art on his birthday and greeted his best wishes. But as we all China’s leaders didn’t like DALAI LAMA Shelter in INDIA.

Importance of DALAI LAMA to china!

Let’s go back to 1950, and the Chinese government invaded Tibet to liberate it peacefully. But the process they were using was brutal and violent, after which Tibetans started an uprising in 1959, and DALAI LAMA headed to INDIA to set up a government in exile.

As we all know, DALAI LAMA is a highly influential figure of Tibetan culture, and his escape to INDIA sparked significant outrage in the region. Now China wants to control the appointment of the next spiritual leader of Tibet to take control of TIBETAN order and territory. But the Tibetans believe that China is attempting to manipulate the selection process.

How do Tibetans know who the next DAKAI LAMA is? 

Tibetans believe the DALAI LAMA has control over his rebirth, and he can choose the body into which he is reincarnated. There are predictions about when and where DALAI LAMA will be re-born, but further tests and signs are required to ensure it is correct.

In the case of 13 DALAI LAMA, his death was in the direction of the south, but after few days, his head had tilted towards the east, so they interpreted the next DALAI LAMA could have been born somewhere in the northeastern part of TIBET.

Disciples also checked Lhamo, la – tso, a lake traditionally used to see visions of the locations of the DALAI LAMA’S rebirth. The district of DOKHAM, which was found in the northeast of Tibet, matched all of these signs, a two-year-old boy named LHAMO DHONDUP was found to be at the right age for the reincarnation of the 13 DALAI LAMA, based on the time of his death. After further investigations, the search party identified the boy as 14 DALAI LAMA, who changed his name to TENZIN GYATSO after being the spiritual leader.

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