How to grow with Instagram reels

Want to increase engagement on your Instagram reels? Looking for some tips to follow? Well, then you are on the correct platform.

If your goal is to grow your followers and reach a broader audience, then, it’s important for you to know about some tips on how reels can help you in growing your account. Reels are one of the easiest ways to connect with a large audience; as video content is believed to get more views than static photos. The more views and shares, the more are chances of your video getting viral. Therefore, here are some tips of using instagram reels to your advantage.

1. Use creative edits and transitions

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In order to engage more audience in your 15 seconds reel; you can make use of creative edits and transitions. You can make these edits by introducing simple cuts in your videos. Here, you just need to start and stop the recording while repositioning yourself or recording it in a different angle. This helps in keeping the eyes more engaged and focused on the video.

Transitions can be trickier, but are worth trying. Here, you do not simply cut the video but also try to melt one scene into another and trick the eye. Such transitions gain a lot of views and if you’re good at making those edits; then you need to try this.

2. Eye-catching start

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You should try making the first few seconds of the video eye-catching. This is because, those seconds are quite crucial for the viewer to not swipe up. You just need to do or say something that pulls the viewer immediately and makes them watch more. For this, you can make use of a flashing sticker, or first words out of your mouth or even you telling them to stop. Most influencers make use of this technique; as it is a great way of grabbing viewers’ attention.

3. Add text in your reels

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Instagram reels and IGTVs appear on the feed without sound. That’s why it is believed that you should add headlines or subtitles to make people put that sound on. As for reels, you can add text in the middle area that exactly points out to the purpose of the video. By this, you are sending the information to the viewer, who in turn, might put that sound on while scrolling. A way in which you can use overlays on reels, is by telling a story with text and video; wherein the text sums up every scene.

4. Enable interactions

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Just like other social media platforms, you also need to get people to interact through reels. The goal is afterall to have a bulk of comments, likes and shares. This is how you can grow your account. Ask your audience about their opinions. For example, you could play a melody and ask what might be a good theme for the song. You can add a layer of text at the end of the video to get the audience involved.

5. Use hashtags

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Lastly, do not forget to include hashtags to your reels. Although, it’s hard to get views through hashtags on other content. But, it’s a different story with reels. Since, there are not much content creators who make use of reels, as often they post other content; therefore, you can have pretty good results by using hashtags. However, you need to choose those hashtags carefully and make sure that they match to your content.

A good thing about reels is that, the feature is quite easy to learn and does not take much effort to create it. All you need to do is to follow these tips and look for what is trending and how many interactions they are getting. Through this, you will be able to boost the engagement on your Instagram almost immediately.

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