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They say that astrology reveals the will of gods, and perhaps they are right. Believers of astrology say it is one of the most accurate and oldest tools available to mankind. In our conversation with Parul Chandravanshi, we discovered some interesting facts and pictures about astrology, and asked about her insightful journey of being a successful astrologer. 

Her interest in the science of astrology first sparked when she was a child. She was utterly intrigued by the mysterious circle of life and the never ending loop it creates. Someone takes birth, and someone else on the planet leaves for his heavenly abode. This phenomena seemed to capture her attention repeatedly. 

Steadily, she developed a zeal and unique enthusiasm towards the field of astrology. She has already learned and have started practicing multiple branches, as she is person of knowledge she is still learning few of them.

She believes that astrology, as a subject, does not have an end point. Instead, it is a never ending pool of knowledge that does not remain devoid of scientific information ever. Infact, she also places emphasis on the fact that it is next to impossible to arrive at a stage, where a person attains complete knowledge of the Jyotish.

The positive drive of astrology

Talking to her, we realized how immersed she is in the subject and what she means to her. She informed us about the positive drive of astrology, and how one can understand it with just a little push and association. 

She says that our soul tends to work in a repeated manner, that it is a cycle that keeps repeating itself time and again, without any stops or apertures in between. In order to reach her ultimate destination, she swapped between varied jobs and decided to land on something that bestows her with utter satisfaction and comfort. 

Next, she also says to believe in guidance and seek the same. The energy present in guidance would take you to what is best for you, and remedy will not. Although, some astrologists do believe that the remedy potion present could be significantly improved by karma, while others like to maintain a different stance. 

Some astrology facts

Let us have a quick look at some of the important astrology facts that Parul enlightened us with. Starting with the broadest, there are four pillars of astrology, namely nakshatra, zodiac signs, planets, and shadow planets. There are 27 Nakshatras, 12 zodiac signs, 12 houses, 9 planets (including 02 shadows planets Rahu and Ketu).

Next, we went on to discuss our birth charts, famously known as kundli. Parul describes the birth chart as a code of journey, which we are all an inclusive part of. She says that one who understands the true meaning represented by the symbols in the birth chart, can successfully qualify to decode it. 

Birth chart can explains the complete life cycle of an individual like his/her physical structure, nature, behaviour pattern, strength, weakness, education, career, health so on so forth. As astrologer can get an indication of each and every moment of life. Because The whole Universe / Sristi in based on mathematics which 360 degree the Planets, Zodiac sign, Nakshatras and 12 houses infact everyone whosoever exit in this world comes under 360, everybody is influenced by the star, planets and the cosmic energy field available in the universe. If anyone wants to understand the universe then one should connect with cosmic energies through meditation or spending time within self will help, she says.

Its number 9 who is the master of it that it is controlling the energy channel with number 3 & 6 hence number 9 is there but actually it’s not. For better understanding you write a series of number in which you place number 9 and add the convert the number in single digit parallerly you replace number 9 with 0.

Towards the end of our discussion, we also turned to discuss one of the most popular astrological methods. It goes by the name of Nadi astrology. This branch involves using the tropical zodiac system. But Parul practices Prashar Jyotish (only for those who give her time) .She concluded her information by claiming that jyotish, or astrology is not just the remedial part.

In the present day and age, Parul functions as an independent astrologer and continues to dispense her knowledge to those who seek her. She thanks her every teacher who played the role of guru dronocharya in her path of life!

Further, she is also engaged in teaching this subject to astrology enthusiasts. If someone is interested in completing specific astrology courses at affordable rates, then Parul welcomes them with open arms and heart. Her motivation towards her field inspires us all too passionately follow what we desire. 

You can contact her@ 9801308219

Dr. Ranjana, a woman of extraordinary skills

When it’s said, with will and determination you can achieve everything, its true in the case of Dr. Ranjana.

Dr. Ranjana showed this through her works. She showed the world that women when given the chance can achieve wonders and can bring name and fame to the country. Dr. Ranjana is an astrologer who specializes in Vedic astrology and Vastu.

She was a teacher in Kendriya Vidyalaya, if one could name skills and knowledge then we can proudly say Dr. Ranjana has all the qualities, she possesses great wits and zeal to keep adding knowledge to her brain bucket. Then she qualified net.

Further studies and research work

She has done commendable research in medical astrology and keeps motivating everyone to never stop studying. She has a great personality and is skilled to do anything. She has done specialization in Vedic astrology and Vastu. She has done a master’s in Vastu and takes great pleasure in solving people’s problems with great and easy remedies.

She studied astrology achieved great wisdom and expertise in the field.  She has also done a Jyotish acharya course from a renowned source.


Her achievements list is never-ending and she is a person with great wits and knowledge. She has achieved a lot in her life because of astrology and assists people in doing so as well. She is a role model for many women and has shown exemplary works in the field of astrology.

Her great achievements have shown the world that if women are given a chance in society then they can achieve wonders. Her works have motivated many women to come forward and get educated and do wonders. In life, she faced various struggles but she crossed every hurdle with a smile, and with flying colors, she kept on passing the great gifts and her astrological knowledge to many people. She is a woman with great virtues and beliefs.

Predicting the future is very difficult but can be easy when good astrology is there. A great Vastu Shastri can help you to bring positivity into your life. A positive person is the best person who keeps on motivating themselves and the world around them.

Dr. Ranjana believes in staying positive and only Karma can change the destiny. So maintain positive vibes and spread positive vibes. Only positivity can heal the hidden wounds and negative aspects of our life. Our life is already full of worries so why make it more troublesome by thinking too much.  Thinking cannot cure problems but positive thinking can cure a lot of problems. So maintain good health and peace in your life with a good and positive attitude.

You can contact her @8920919153

The story of Vinayak Vipat – An Electrical Engineer to an Astrologer

We all believe that astrology is all about superstition and has no relation with science, but here is a story about an electrical engineer who transformed himself into an astrologer with a deep sense of scientific knowledge and rational thinking. Here is a little insight into the life of Vinayak Vipat and the struggles that he has been through to live life and follow the career that he wished to.

Vinayak Vipat is an electrical engineer and he did electrical engineering for 30 years and did MBA in finance. He has already done three government Jobs in IIT indore, IIM Indore and IISER Pune and Symbiosis Indore.

Presently he has turned himself into an astrologer who believes in thinking logically and implementing astrology as science in life. He was very young to understand when he faced the challenges of life, his father Pandit Vishwanath Vipat died when he was very young and his family situation was worse. He had to deal with a tough time in life and still, he decided to move on with his career as much as he could.

He started his practice in the year 2011 as an astrologer and since then he has been practicing this consistently. He has a specialization in child planning, marriage and career counseling and he gives proper guidance on myths of astrology like Mangalik & Kaal sarpyog and provides them with tactical solutions. It’s not easy to take your career ahead but with his family support he achieved all the success in his life. You always reach the goals that you want to because they are the ones that motivate you to do something in life.

You only decide how important it is for you to pursue your dreams and Vinayak Vipat has won himself a lot of laurels and achievements in the field of astrology. He has being awarded for his Jyotish Ratna and Jyotish Martand with gold medal.

He is an inspiration for people who believe in their dreams because even after completing electrical engineering, he became a successful astrologer who he has received the Jyotish Ratna. He has also completed the residential and industrial Vastu Diploma Course because he believes that he will be able to make the world a better place with his immense knowledge. He has specialization in gem selection and recommendation and provides the service to the customers!

He knows that astrology is a science that can guide people in life because there are times when we make wrong choices and your astrology charts always suggest ways to improve your karmas in life and do the right things. He has immense knowledge about the 12 zodiac signs and 9 planets. Planets play an important role in life and astrology is a science which deals with the seven planets which also have an influence on the 11 chakras of our body!

Well, he believes that people should take astrology as not just problem-solving method, but also as a general counseling for better living!

You can contact him @8878890099, 9826728668 or mail him [email protected]

What we have to say

Astrology helps us to plan our future and among many branches of astrology, horoscope reading is the salient one, which is based on the time and place of birth of an individual. As we know that astrology is based on the natal position of planets that gives a complete picture of the life of a person. You can contact the best astrologers and discuss about anything you want. You will get the best guidance, that’s our guarantee!

Happy living!

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