Mala Vohra Khanna: The name is enough!

Mental health is a very important element in our lives and many psychologists are working very hard to achieve the goal of helping as many people as they can with the years-long years-long study and skills they have acquired. One of the psychologists is Mala Vohra Khanna.

Graduated from Delhi University, Mala Vohra Khanna is a clinical psychologist and runs her clinic – Raj Psychological services in Delhi, a psychological service providing clients counseling.

She is recognized widely as she has been awarded for social services.

She is internationally awarded receiving the International award for young people Silver and the International award for young people Gold. In addition to these awards, she has also received the international Weaving dreams excellence award and Contribution to student development.

Her journey was not easy, till the tenth standard it was a big failure and it was difficult to even imagine the career that she has excelled in now. She hated to study especially mathematics, but somehow when she started studying the psychological discipline, something about it made her overcome all the fears and she was set to make the world a better place by her practice.

One of the positive sides of her story is the support of her family. Her family supported her when she chose this field and was a great motivational factor. Throughout her journey, she received enough affirmation to become an independent woman.

She is a strong believer in God and this faith of hers also turned out to be an important part of her journey.

She acquires the best leadership qualities that her very own clinic is proof of. Many other psychologists are working and providing the best services in their hands to their clients. Consistency in work led her to reach here, which is reflected in her work. It is not required to have significant symptoms to consult a counselor. Many individuals seek therapy because they believe it will help them to talk about their problems with a caring and nonjudgmental expert, according to her.

She is one of the Women counselors at Delhi University, helping people in need. She is also teaching at Jamia University and another university, teaching young minds by sharing her knowledge and experience. She believes that mental health should be treated from an early age if there are symptoms but most people ignore them which is not good for the person. Receiving the best treatment for a mental health problem is everyone’s right but the stigma around it is what we need to fight, according to her.

She believes whatever small contribution she can make through her knowledge and skills is one thing that makes her better at her job. Through counseling, she helps her clients to develop new coping strategies and deal with their problems more efficiently. It is not easy to achieve so much in a short period but she did it and is doing an excellent job at counseling and is willing to expand her reach to support others.

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