Nishant Pitti- From an ordinary man to honorary Secretary of the TAF, he lived his dream!

Nishant Pitti is the CEO and Co-Founder of Ease my trip company, who established this business with his brother, Rikant Pitti, in May 2008. Presently, Ease my trip is one of the credible travel agents across the country. The company aims to offer a vast range of travel relevant items and services to its passengers. The seed of a business sowed when these brothers saved on their travel expenses, and the idea of saving travel costs established a prosperous business. They also set their goal to pass over the sales limit. 


Nishant Pitti has a bachelor’s degree in commerce from the DU (University of Delhi) and holds roughly 11 years of knowledge and experience in the tourism and travel field. He is accountable for the comprehensive management of the business, company growth, and the financial element of our firm’s business. Nishant Pitti is the full-time CEO of the company. He is one of the company’s expounders and has been related to the industry since its foundation. 

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Mr. Nishant Pitti’s Achievement

Nishant Pitti has been prized of ‘Doctor of Excellence’ for greatness in the area of trip management by the CIAC (Confederation of International Accreditation Commission), ‘TnH Face of the Future at the Travel, Hospitality (TnH) Awards, 2016, Global at the 6th International Education Forum, 2019. Furthermore, he was also awarded at the Entrepreneur Awards, 2019, with the honor of ‘Entrepreneur of the Year in Service Business – Travel.’

All about Ease My Trip 

Ease My trip is one of the leading firms in the travel and tourism sector as well as 2nd largest firm based on air ticket booking volumes. The firm was founded in the year of 2008. Ease My Trip is an Indian travel company that provides the most excellent travel deals to its clients. Presently, this company has an entirely trained and proficient staff of 477, a well-equipped team that bestows the business in its continual development. 

After gaining a victory on the trust of 8.81+ million people, the firm has created its existence via a travel agent network. Ease My Trip is one of the fastest-growing company whose CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) is approximately 47% who has also established its offices in UAE, the UK, and Singapore 

Aim of the company

Ease My Trip company has only one main aim: to provide incredible service at inexpensive and affordable rates to its clients. We keep faith in the power of our brand and believe in providing the best assistance to our customers with the alternative of no convenience fee. Our user-friendly sites assist customers. Ease My trip is consistently profitable and no debt. 

We provide the clients with several devices and data that they require to explore, book, plan and purchase trip items and assistance all over India also out of the country. We keep a devoted in-house technology professional staff that concentrates on cultivating a safe, developed, and measurable software and technology infrastructure. 

We also provide our items and assistance online through mobile applications and websites. We have committed staff to oversee our occurring connections improving and cultivating new alliances with hotel chains and airlines. 

Appreciations that Nishant Pitti and his company received

The Honorable founder of Ease My Trip company has also conceded the business’s endeavors in creating clients friendly products. The firm has also attained numerous recognitions and has offices outside the country. Thus this firm has been globally recognized for its services and products.  

After that, by influencing its B2B2C channel, the firm began procedures in the business to customer (B2C) diffusion channel by mainly concentrating on the evolving Indian mid-class society’s trip provisions. 

EaseMyTrip, an online travel aggregator, is set to launch its ₹510 crore  IPO on March 8, 2021

The company’s income has stricken out USD 150 million and launched the Android app in 2014 and 2018, Ease My Trip company had brought up travel insurance and began co-operating with IRCTC for train tickets. 

There are a few fascinating IPOs planned to be commenced in 2021. One IPO is the Ease My Trip IPO that is being introduced on March 03, 2021. The company bootstrapped itself till IPO. They also mentioned that after this, company management has inclined to be very cost-conscious.

By 2012-14, Nishant Pitti was awarded as an honorary Secretary of the TAFI (Travel Agent Federation of India). Providing a unique Business to Customer (B2C) model and incredible services, Nishant Pitti has enriched the way passengers travel across India through Ease My Trip. 

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