The Big Interview of the highest scorer in JEE Advanced 2020 – Chirag Falor.

Q1.What was the duration of study during preparation?

Ans.I started my preparation for JEE advanced a little early when I was in class 8 or 9 through a coaching institute and continued it persistently for 4 years. During this period, I mostly studied between 6 to 12 hours a day.

Q2.Please share the names of few books for preparation.

Ans. Problems in General Physics I.E.Irodov

Physics Problems by S.S.Krotov

Pathfinder for Olympiad and JEE Advanced Physics

Organic Chemistry – NCERT

Q3.Please share tips for attending questions during the exam. What was exam strategy for getting maximum marks?

Ans.Just before exam day:

Eat all time favorite foods during breakfast and lunch.

Try to have a very calm sleep early and a right sleep schedule before the exam day.

Ensure to pack and ready with ID card, Admin card, sanitizer, mask etc. before night.

During exam:

Make a consistent exam solving pattern and follow/optimize that throughout the preparation. Note the time spent on each subject.

Don’t fear to skip the questions which are taking too much time.

Make educated guesses on question which you can’t solve but have some idea about.

Revise the questions marked for review at the end in last 10-15 minutes.

Q4.What is your hobby?

Ans. I enjoy watching sci-fi movie during my leisure time. I like to play Chess and Table Tennis. I used to participate in inter-school chess competition annually. Enjoyed study break playing Table Tennis with classmates.

Q5.What are you studying now?

Ans. I am currently pursuing my undergraduate degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Q6.Share a few tips for last minute preparation.

Ans.I advice all the JEE Advanced aspirants not to get bored and never lose your focus and concentration till the time final exam over. In last few weeks, attempt as many difficult mock tests as possible and save the previous year papers for the final few days. Learn and clarify on your mistakes during these attempts.

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