When we interacted with Delhi’s renowned school- DPS!

Delhi Public School is one of the largest branches of the school, spread all over India, providing the best education in the private sector. India has over 200 Delhi public schools that are flourishing evidently. The infrastructure is a known benefactor for many as these schools have air conditions in the classrooms, science labs, playground, basketball courts, swimming pools, and many more facilities for every interest. They, therefore, help the children grow into someone who is well equipped with knowledge and talent.

I had a good time learning all the sports I enjoyed as a student with its amazing facilities and the support of the teachers” – Mr. Shivam Gupta.

I have never seen my son so elated with the infrastructure of his previous school, DPS has certainly helped a lot in his progress.” – Mrs. Ashima Yadav.

Delhi Public School not only focuses on the betterment of their students but also focuses on teaching discipline and time management so that they are well prepared for the future. They give the students every opportunity to flourish. There are art, music, sports, and computer classes to keep the students engaged. From sixth to eighth grade, students can choose to learn an extra language like german or french.

We have always wanted to teach our kids a different language, then last year we came across DPS, now we couldn’t be more grateful.” – Mrs. Ankita Srivastava.

There are very few schools which give us a chance to teach something different. Being a music teacher, I must say the range of instruments is much more than I’ve ever come across.” – Mr. Amit Verma.

As an educational institute, these schools have given their best. There are weekly tests to make sure that students keep preparing for finals. In the eleventh standard, students can choose any stream from humanities, PCM, PCB, or commerce. The range of choosing the additional subject is good enough, being psychology, mathematics, biology, economics, among them.

We never thought that our child will ever be able to do excellent in the board finals, but the dedication of the teachers is phenomenal.” – Mr. Ahmed Ansari.

They even organize olympiads for different standards to enhance the knowledge of the students and the exceptionally gifted students to seek better opportunities. In many of these schools, counselors are also hired to ensure a better environment for the children and even seek help from them in case of emergency. Delhi Public Schools conducts workshops and invites alumnus or professionals from different sectors occasionally. Delhi Public Schools offer NCC facilities to each student.

There is very little focus on the mental health of the students, but being in DPS as a counselor has given me a chance to help the students overcome their fears and also come with a good educational plan when needed by any staff.” – Ms. Saumya.

Therefore there is endless freedom for every child to become a better version of themselves. There are many Bollywood actors, cricketers, news anchors who have gained education from Delhi Public Schools. Not only in India, but there are also few international branches of these schools.

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