What happens if you don’t use moisturizer?

Although, it’s not practical to have a time consuming beauty routine especially when we all deal with stresses of everyday life, you should not forget to include some essential steps in your routine, one of them being moisturizing your skin. I know it may be really difficult to go, wash up and moisturize after a tiring day when all you want to do is just crawl right into the bed.

But, trust me, you’ll want to make it the topmost priority after getting to know about the ill effects of not applying moisturizer. So, let’s go through some of those effects and then decide on whether it’s worth saving that extra minute or not.

1. Dry and toned down skin

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The first and most obvious ill effect of not applying moisturizer can be dull and flaky skin. If you’re not applying moisturizer, then you are drying out your skin as it is not getting hydrated. This can make your skin look dull and cracked, especially in winters. It is therefore very important to apply moisturizer in order to make your skin look more natural and fresh.

2. Sun damage

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Avoiding moisturizer can lead to sun damage since most of them these days have SPF in them. Therefore, by skipping moisturizer, you are also skipping an essential sunscreen step which can result in sun damage.

3. Wrinkles and lines

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Another drawback of not using moisturizer can be the appearance of wrinkes as, dry skin can result in the popping of wrinkles which you already had but were not visible due to its moisturisation. Therefore, skipping moisturizer in your daily routine can lead to deep wrinkles and accelerated aging.

4. Aggravates acne

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This might seem a contradictory statement to you, but yes, it is true that it can aggravate your acnes. It is believed that dryness worsens acne and that moisturizer is beneficial if you have blemishes. If you are afraid of using moisturizer for oily skin, then just pick up an oil free moisturizer that suits your needs.

5. Cakey makeup look


If you don’t moisturize your skin well, it can lead to patchy and uneven makeup look. This is because, the concealer we use, seeps into dry skin and fine lines and results in that caked appearance. So, it’s important to hydrate your skin with a moisturizer before applying makeup in order to have that flawless apperance.

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