Goa becomes 1st Indian state to offer free COVID-19 related tests

The unexpectedly stronger wave of the coronavirus pandemic has hit the Indian nation harder than any other country. 

While many states like Maharashtra, Kerala, and Karnataka have been the greatest contributors to this wrath of nature, previously marginally-affected COVID states like Goa have also touched a total of 4565 active covid cases (as of 12th April). 

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The state government of Goa has been taking stringent measures to control the contagious virus. While the chief minister has recently ruled out night curfew and lockdown, saying “lockdown is not a solution in Goa”, continuous speculations are being made regarding the enforcement of strict preventive protocols in the smallest Indian state. 

The Health Minister of Goa, Vishwajit Rane, recently made a revelation stating that Goa is the first Indian state to offer free D-Dimer and Interleukin-6 tests for COVID-19 patients. Reportedly, the two tests that have been offered for free are COVID-19 ‘related’ tests and can be administered only at GMC (Goa Medical College, Bambolim) as of now. 

Rane further added, “These tests will be useful in monitoring the patients progression to COVID-19 related cytokine storms and help in timely medical intervention to reduce fatality”. However, it is also important for our readers to know that the cytokine storms are not necessarily exclusive to COVID-19 patients. 

Vishwajit Rane conducted a review meeting with the officials of the Health Department and GMC this Monday (12 April 2021). Apparently, the meeting was arranged to review arrangements at the South Goa District Hospital. He informed this event in his tweet, which also said that the state government is efficiently preparing itself, and is well-equipped to manage the preceding situation of elevating cases in the state. 

With a total of 13.7M cases since the commencement of this pandemic, India has now surpassed Russia and Italy to become the thor-most corona affected country in the world. 

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